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Richard Tomlinson and the Russians.

1. 1979 - Powergen, Solihull:

The young British Intelligence recruits entering this building, had no idea of the hell that lay before them. No idea that they would be forced to become slaves to a demonic, mind control program; run by MI6 and sanctioned by Royal Arch Freemasonry. No idea that they would be forced to sign the Masonic 'Sat B'hai' contract and swear allegiance to the Monarchy rather than to the UK State. No idea at all, in fact.

The Powergen building was mostly unoccupied in 1979. Only a few Powergen employees worked in the building, which was almost deserted. The car park was nearly empty for the whole of that year. The third floor was reserved for 'Special Government Projects' and no Powergen employee was allowed entry.

To outsiders, the young people who entered this building each day, looked like a relatively normal, young bunch of Powergen graduate recruits and so nothing out of the usual.

At 21 years old, Richard Tomlinson was one of the graduate intake onto this course - most of the recruits were aged between 18 and 21 years old. Tomlinson was to begin his training here, to become an MI6 Officer later on, in his military career. The others were being trained to be run as agents of the 'Crown'.

It was at Powergen in 1979, that Richard Tomlinson was first shown a passport photograph of Vladimir Putin.

Rimington, Manningham-Buller and Scarlett showed the graduate trainees and each Delta (espionage and assassination) team, a selection of four b/w passport photos. The recruits were informed that the four KGB men in the photos were:

'Your counterparts in the KGB'.

The recruits were under the impression that these young, Russian KGB agents were supposed to be the 'enemy' or 'rivals' despite Manningham-Buller's 'communist' training i.e. during her Russian and Political History classes.

What was 'real' communism, according to Manningham-Buller?

It began with 'Guardianship' by those who were 'born to rule'. They were the self-elected custodians of British society who could decide what was in their people's best interests.

To summarise: a benevolent dictatorship.

This was personified by Manningham-Buller demanding that each of her classes stand to attention and do a Nazi salute as she walked in the door, before she would begin the lesson.

Important note: the b/w passport photographs had been supplied by one of Oleg Gordievsky's contacts. Gordievsky was a Royal Arch Freemason and one of the Russian Chapter. He had negotiated photographs of the new Royal Arch Freemasonry recruits, within the KGB - to be sent to MI5.

2. 1980: Russian Monastery Compound, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Vladimir Putin and the other KGB Royal Arch Freemasons, stayed within this high-security compound. It was run as a nunnery (it still is today) but is generally known by the Russian Orthodox church to be a 'spy-centre', and is currently being run by an ex-FSB Head.

The British Intelligence recruits mainly stayed at the 'Youth Hostel' behind the St John Church in the centre of Ein Kerem. It is located partly up the mountain which overshadows the town and it backs onto a pine forest.

Even today, there are still 'guard dog' signs and barbed wire everywhere, around this building and locals say that it is not possible to book as an ordinary tourist. It was reserved for 'special groups' of young people, internationally in 1979 and has been for many years. Recently, the whole building has changed hands and is now being renovated into flats, in order to be sold off. How times have changed.

Beside the main building of the youth hostel, there are two hexagonal buildings - architecturally, rather like geometric mushrooms. This is where the British graduate trainees were lodged: Richard Tomlinson, Andrew Marr and Stephen Daldry.

In the evenings, the 'graduates' would sit on the verandah of these buildings with their KGB Russian counterparts; to smoke, drink vodka and shoot the breeze. None of them could hold a conversation in Russian apart from Tomlinson, who did his best to act as interpreter for the whole group.

Together, they looked like ingenues, trying desperately to live up to their programming as 'Illuminists' i.e. their predecessors - the colonials of the 'enlightenment' period who had ruled the world by their supposed, innate superiority and worldliness.

This was to be the very first meeting of many, between Richard Tomlinson and Vladimir Putin. The latter was quite a few years his senior at 26/7 years old but much younger looking.

3. 1993 - Poland

Vladimir Putin had lost his job as KGB controller of the Stasi in East Berlin. There was a famine in St Petersburg and the KGB owed their employees several months of salaries. Whole families were starving in the cities (foodstuffs had been held up in the ports) and Vladimir Putin's own family was no exception to this rule.

John Scarlett (MI6 Moscow Station) made a deal with Mr Putin in Poland. They knew each other relatively well (dating back to 1979 in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem) and both were Royal Arch Freemasons.

Poland had become a trading ground for potential Russian dissidents, to sell whatever they could lay their hands on, to the West. Almost every intelligence agency had descended upon Poland to buy whatever they needed and the amount of wheeler-dealing and double-dealing which was going on, had reached fever pitch. It was almost laughable.

No one really knew who was working for which agency or which agency was allied to whom, in what turned out to be a 'smash and grab' bun fight. One could name MI5, MI6, the CIA and the IRA as but a few in this free-for-all; the desperate dash to acquire information, drugs, guns - you name it. Just about every intelligence agency and mafia organisation was in on the game. Everything was on sale.

What was the deal that Scarlett struck with Putin?

Putin needed safe passage for himself and his family out of a situation in St Petersburg which was rapidly deteriorating. Scarlett had agreed to set up a new identity for him in the UK as a teacher of German (Putin had native-speaker fluency) in exchange for...well, this bit is unclear. Scarlett already had all of the information that he needed from Mr Putin, on the Royal Arch Freemasonry network. However, he agreed to take Mr Putin and his eldest daughter back to the UK and rescue his wife and younger daughter at a later date.

Scarlett was to renege on this deal. Why? MI5 (for reasons of their own) had decided to torture and then murder Mr Putin as soon as he set foot on British soil. He was dispensible. They had most of the information that they needed and were not going to honour any deal.

The upshot of all of this, was that when Mr Putin learnt of British Intelligence's real agenda, he called the deal off and returned to Russia.

So far, so simple, except that there was one complicating factor: Royal Arch Freemasonry.

Mr Putin had been part of the Russian Chapter and he had been sorely let down by his British counterparts. In addition, he had been under MI6/Royal Arch Freemasonry Illuminati mind control since 1979 and had been one of their operatives within the KGB until 1994.

Why 1994?

Because this was the year when MI6/Illuminati laptops began to disappear in Europe. Mr Putin was beginning to work it all out and as a consequence, was tracking down the MI6 Senior Officers who held the colour-coded information of the tailored mind control programmes for their officers and agents, within their laptops (electronic locks that weren't supposed to be unlockable but were in fact, quite easy to crack by the KGB). Once the codes are broken, it is relatively simple to control any of the operatives listed (as well as guess how to control others who were 'indoctrinated' in a similar way) and then to turn them against their 'masters'.

See for details of the 'typewriter' code at the old, British prison in Jerusalem: it accounts for 10 different branches of Royal Arch Freemasonry-infiltrated British Intelligence departments since 1945. The KGB Royal Arch Freemasons were one of these departments, in this tarantula-like Masonic organisation which has been strangling the world, since the last days of the British Empire.

Those within British Intelligence who were not Royal Arch Freemasons, had no real idea of what was going on at all. If they did manage to catch a 'Russian spy' within their midst, it was because the Royal Arch Freemasons had deemed this person expendable and had then fed him or her to the fishes. Think Burgess, Maclean etc and you will get the picture. Blunt escaped such censorship and hounding. He was a 'master' of Royal Arch Freemasonry.

One of the most sinister departments of Royal Arch Freemasonry/British Intelligence is the 'ZKTZ' - to be found on the list of codes on the British typewriter in Jerusalem 'British prison' museum. This prison was run by the British, who had forced Jews and Arabs to man their 'Palestinian Police' station.

(Zayin, Chet, Tzadik, in Hebrew) = the code for 'zygote':

The Royal Genome project

In brief, Vladmir Putin had been chosen as a DNA sperm donor within this Royal 'zygote' project and had then been ordered by the Masonic body to copulate with various British female agents, whilst in Berlin. The zygotes were then 'collected' and the young woman involved, was subsequently murdered. Stephen Daldry had organised various victims to be sent to Berlin for exactly this purpose. He has also boasted of listening to them (bugged rooms) being murdered, during this period. Cameras were also placed in the TV sets for the Royal Arch Freemasons to view afterwards - in essence, 'snuff movies'.

By 1993, the Royal Arch Freemasons had no further use for Mr Putin in terms of information or DNA and therefore, he was expendable - Royal Arch Freemason or not.

Additionally, during 1994 - a 'diamonds' operation under the supervision of John Scarlett, went awry. The goods disappeared somewhere in Bosnia and therefore someone in British Intelligence, had to carry the can. See for details.

4. 1995 - MI6 HQ, London.

Richard Tomlinson was sacked from MI6 on undisclosed charges. He escaped the country and went on the run, eventually turning up again with a mysterious Russian publishing house, in order to publish his autobiography 'The Big Breach' in 2001.

What had happened in the interim?

5. 2003 - Shanghai, China

On Manningham-Buller's orders: Andrew Marr (and several other British Intelligence operatives) kidnapped and tortured an ex-agent of theirs in France. The motive behind this was to force the agent back under mind control ( the agent was an ex-Royal Arch Freemason who had gone AWOL), in order to take an MI5 message to China.

Why China?

An 'educational conference' had been arranged at Jiao Tong University, Shanghai to improve Russian-Chinese relations. Except that there was no publicity for it, nationally or internationally and no reports published afterwards.

Nineteen, armoured cars turned up to this 'discreet' event containing the Russian contingent of nearly 100 participants, who then stayed for three weeks at the University's Academic Centre Hotel.

The campus was cordoned off throughout this period by Chinese tanks, armed guards and soldiers. Funnily enough, this 'educational conference' which includedVladimir Putin amongst the distinguished guests, was not mentioned in the international press. However, this was the time of the SARS epidemic in China and therefore, there were not many foreign reporters on the ground, in Shanghai.

Back-tracking: Richard Tomlinson was present at the torture of this agent in France 2002 and was also to attend the 'meeting' which took place in China. In short, he had been instructed to oversee the whole operation. Tomlinson was not allowed to know the message until it had been safely delivered to Mr Putin in China. He was however, present at the time that the message was given.

The operation was code-named 'METE'.

The gist of OP METE was as follows:

The implantation of a nuclear bomb (ESSO were employed to do the drilling) between the tectonic plates under the seabed - just off Aceh, Indonesia.

MI5 were to send a military ship into the area after the explosion had occurred, in order to check radiation levels. They had miscalculated. The radiation levels are now affecting all of the surrounding islands, including the Arabian peninsular.

The explosion occurred on the 26th December 2004.

In addition, the agent who had been sent with the message, had worked for Richard Tomlinson in eastern Europe 1992-1995 and had known him for years. The agent had also met Mr Putin many times during 1993-1996.

The agent told President Putin and Richard Tomlinson the message, concerning 'OP METE' .

Manningham-Buller had also ordered the agent (according to Marr's instructions) to return to Russia and then to attempt to assassinate President Putin. Why? The agent could only guess that even attempting to carry out such an order would have resulted in instant death. This would have been an ideal way to dispose of the 'messenger'.

Unfortunately for Manningham-Buller, Chinese surveillance had recorded the meeting between Mr Putin, Richard Tomlinson and the agent in question. They were to question the agent later on with the CIA present, who subsequently confirmed the information, in interview.

Indonesian Intelligence were duly warned and took action by taking out large insurance claims with British companies just before the event (mainly on the same day beforehand, in order to get the claims through without creating suspicion and UK firms backing out of the deal), in relation to the areas and buildings that the tsunami would hit.

The authors do not know whether or not it might have been possible to dismantle the bomb instead, but think that it was probably not technically possible. They hope that this was the case.

What is known is that Vladimir Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemasonry member. Can the same be said to be true of Richard Tomlinson? His current battle against SIS would suggest that he too, has broken free of MI6/Royal Arch Freemasonry mind control programming.


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Anonymous said...

The code on the Royal Arch Freemasonry carousel, following the Asian tsunami was an SOS, warning about Chinese EOPS:

WSTESSOMTW....and so on...the carousel repeats itself and I have broken the code down into chuncks of 11 arbitrarily to make it more manageable...

Anonymous said...

A question: How do you know that President Putin has broken with the Royal Arch Freemasons?

Anonymous said...

If Tomlinson escaped from MI6 in 1995, how come he was working for Maningham-Buller in 2002/3?

Does this mean that he was still working for the Royal Arch Freemasons?

Anonymous said...

On Richard Tomlinson's blogspot, he has archived material of his fictitious novel 'The Golden Chain' which he published on the Internet.

1) If 'The Golden Chain' is not fiction, then Mr Tomlinson is making an attempt to bring down John Scarlett regarding a criminal/mafioso diamond operation.

2)Senior members of MI6 are involved and do not want to press charges (even in a closed court) against Mr Tomlinson and the publication of this novel because it would all come out in the open and that is the last worst possible scenario for any of them.

3)They have therefore decided upon a campaign of harassment which succeeds in only makes Mr Tomlinson louder and more angry, in response.

4) The rest of MI6/SIS do not know what is going on but are operating a 'closed doors' policy, which is normal when one of their members is attacked in public.

What will be the conclusion to this Pyrrhic battle?

Eventually Mr Scarlett will be forced to resign, as Manningham-Buller has recently done.

A new head of MI6 will be elected, who will come to the table with Mr Tomlinson, in order to negotiate a deal, in terms of his 'silence'. In essence, Tomlinson will have to be bought off.

What a sorry state of affairs.

How big will Mr Scarlett's pension be?

Did he really need those diamonds or were they for his 'girlfriend'? :-)

Anonymous said...

SIS murdered Tomlinson's girlfriend and then sacked him.

The official blurb appears to be that she died of cancer - even Tomlinson toes this line in 'The Big Breach'.

How sick can you get?

There's no 'mafia' sicker than the Royal Arch Freemasons.

If they can't actually imprison their target or murder them discreetly (a road accident is by far the most common way of disposing with such people), they put the boot in until the target has a nervous breakdown, commits suicide or disappears.

Look at what happened to Lady Diana. One day, the British Public will breath a collective sigh of relief when the guilty are forced to admit to their crimes. Until then, everyone keeps their thoughts to themselves, waiting for that day.

Anonymous said...

What happened in the 'interim'?

EVERYONE knows that sweetie - why so coy?

Tomlinson was Putin's 'boy' for a while. Daldry had a good time buggering him on training and he developed a taste for it.

More gossip?

Putin's mother was Jewish but converted to Russian Orthodoxy. In Poland, he decided to go back to his roots and because his mother was Jewish he didn't have to go through a full conversion.

He went through 'brit milah'. They put him on a throne and cut it off! Apparently he enjoyed the whole thing enormously. Takes all sorts.

Anonymous said...

I watched the 1989 MI6 video of Putin and his mates about to go out on the town (Berlin), courtesy of Johnnie boy.

The three of them were in the basement of that old KGB building and coming out of a white door, to climb the stairs.

Putin was dressed in a very fetching number. A scarlett satin, dropped-waist dress (1920's style) and high-heels. All very tasteful - not so with his darker, more hirsute and hefty communist buddies - what can I say? Straight off Monty Python and looking rather uncomfortable with it.

Anyway, Putin decided to turn circus acrobat in his heels and began to climb the stairs on the other side of the bannister, before reaching the stairwell where he whipped his dress up and hoicked a rather shapely leg over the rail.

Scarlett thought it all hilarious - joy of joys - a man after his own heart.

The main point of showing me this video was to give me an idea of what Putin looked like. Hardly the best example to give but you probably know Penelope Pitstop as well as I do.

Anonymous said...

Putin is a puppet - always has been. You only have to look into his vacuous eyes to see that - how much ECT does it take to run a Puppet-President? Quite a bit, I would imagine.

Tomlinson? He joined the P2 mafia years ago and has been helping Rimington, Daldry, Marr and Co. What is his job?

Why do you think he has a 'boat'?

He is the 'ferryman'. They are still running the child-trafficking trade down from Amsterdam to Cannes - to Cagnes Sur Mer.

Not such a good guy, then but one has to say that if MI6 had not acted like complete idiots and denied him any sort of a career - hounded him from country to country - imprisoning and torturing him on the way...well, it might all have been a very different story.

He has to work to live and only P2 (which incidentally, Putin thinks he runs) would give him a job. We all have to have money to survive and his old 'mates' picked him up and got him back under mind control.

P2 headquarters? Hasn't somebody mentioned that on another site? The Eastern Catholic Church in St Petersburg. The 'Vatican' are their puppets. I guess the re-appellation of this organisation as the 'Russian Orthodox church', must have confused quite a few people. They run the Vatican - look how friendly Mr Putin is with the Italians. They are as thick as thieves.

Anonymous said...

Where does the Mossad fit into all of this?

The Old City Jerusalem police have a huge drug problem on their hands with the Chassidim...they even take coke in the synagogues...

Now, Shin Beit are well-known to dress up as Chassidim...their favourite 'costume' on the street...any connection?

Anyway, latest gossip is that the Israeli heroine, British-born 'Erica Chambers' (Spring operation 1979) recently applied to Mossad for political asylum and the Israeli intelligence forces have still not made a decision. It has been 4 months since she first applied.

Now why would that be? The Mossad only have to contact the FBI to get all of her details and they appear to be very 'tardy' in doing so?

A little bird tells me that the Mossad are not all they seem and not all they are cracked up to be.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

'Rocking Horse people'

This is mind control programming where the victim is drugged and then given the auto-suggestion that they are a 'rocking horse person' i.e. that they cannot move their arms or legs and can therefore only 'rock'. This 'alter' is created and then used if a British Intelligence operative has shown signs of disobedience or trying to escape.

Remember the old joke: what do you call a leggless, armless man in a pile of leaves?


Toby Macklin is an MI6/Illuminati operative who has recently produced a new children's programming book, especially for this purpose and on this topic of mind control programming. His location? Northern Cyprus.

Anonymous said...

Toby Macklin?

Macklin, Scarlett and Tomlinson were all Royal Arch Freemasons.

Macklin was the one who shopped Tomlinson to MI6 (HQ, London)late 1994, on grossly unfounded and frankly laughable charges in order to get a promotion.

Macklin supplied a passport photograph of one of Scarlett's and Tomlinson's agents in eastern Europe (none other than 'Erica Chambers') claiming that the Tomlinson and Chambers were double-agents and working for the Russians.

They were all certainly working with the Russians but not for them. Scarlett was working hand-in-hand with Putin, as were Tomlinson and Chambers - did that make him a 'double-agent' too?

'Chambers' wasn't working for the Russians, but she was helping the CIA. If MI6 had bothered to contact the CIA, this could have been verified but they didn't. Why not?

Why was Chambers helping the CIA? She had just been put through a traumatic abortion to obtain her fertilised egg for experimentation - she had been sleeping with Putin. I guess she didn't have much faith in British Intelligence after that - nor did Putin after he found out MI5 were planning to murder him.

Macklin was duly rewarded for his 'services to the Crown' in shopping Tomlinson and was subsequently given the title 'knight of the realm' by the bigwigs in Royal Arch Freemasonry.

Pass the sick bag, Alice.

Scarlett (Head of Moscow MI6 station) was livid with Tomlinson for losing the contraband i.e. diamonds (which Tomlinson couldn't touch, according to his 'smelly cheeses' programming and had left on the dead agent).

Go figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

Macklin was one of the stupidest and laziest MI6 operatives out.

The Russians nicked his Illuminati mind control laptop in 1995 - as easily as taking candy from a baby.

Did Macklin get punished for this?


He got promoted.

Go figure it out - Looking Glass World.

Macklin was 'introduced' into the Service by one of his old school chums (St Paul's, London).

The Cadogans are a well-known Illuminati family.

Macklin is one of the most idle and hopeless characters going and yet he managed to get rid of one of the most talented and intelligent officers that MI6 has ever managed to recruit.

Laugh? I'm cracking my sides.

Anonymous said...

Forget Macklin - he wastes air.

It is Tomlinson who is brain-damaged by programming and not Putin.

Putin worked it all out and escaped from SIS/Royal Arch Freemasonry mind control programming.

He has been running the bastards ever since.

Tomlinson is a paedophile (raped one tiny girl to death at their last P2 rite) and gets paid as the 'ferryman', running the Crown paedophile racket from Amsterdam to Cagnes Sur Mer.

Anonymous said...

Want to know what Tomlinson was programmed with apart from 'smelly cheeses'?

Watch 'Tiger Bay' to see the prototype role of a SIS officer - which is implanted into their subconscious during training. A sailor/smuggler role on the 'snake-lines'.

The SIS officer is allowed to murder the SKTS SIS agent if she refuses to obey orders. SKTS are programmed as 'zebra' - look out for the large ornamental zebra behind this woman as she is murdered.

In addition, ask any film lecturer to analyse the paedophilic overtones in this film and see what you get. The 'love' relationship between the 8-year old girl and the sailorboy in his twenties...

Want to know what happens to an SIS officer after he retires?

Watch 'The Night Porter' for a metaphorical and allegorical account of a SIS (SS) officer who meets up with an old victim of his (SIS agent) and embarks on a sado-masochistic affair with her (they are re-enacting what happened during SIS training).

However, the programming of the pair begins to unravel i.e. they start remembering training and try to escape.

They are subsequently shot whilst trying to escape over a metaphorical suspension bridge (rabbit pons - i.e. trying to take control of their own minds).

The SIS moral of this little gem? No one ever escapes Alice in Wonderland programming.


Anonymous said...

Ever read the Chinese story of how an aristocratic young girl unbinds her damaged feet to feel the freedom that the peasant girls enjoy, running in the fields?

Before she can reach the window, she collapses as the fragile bones of her feet splinter and crack. The rotten flesh of her feet rips and tears. She collapses in pain and has her feet bound up again.

Rimington read this story to my team with the 'moral' that this was what would happen if any of us tried to tamper with our mind control programming.

Another lie.

Your mind doesn't shatter during de-programming but it is a painful and arduous process. The PTSD which kicks in as the memories come back is the worst thing but nothing lasts forever. You eventually regain peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

Tomlinson has been working for Scarlett since he was apparently 'sacked' from MI6 in 1995.

He has been paid into an account at the Leumi bank which quite unbelievably went under the name of 'Jowell'. He tended to withdraw cash from a cashpoint in Cagnes Sur Mer. Until recently.

What happened?

Guess. Tomlinson recently launched an attack on MI6 and Scarlett in particular in various blogspots - he must be feeling very let down. The easy money is no longer gushing through the system.

Secondly,Tomlinson has been trafficking children down the coast from Amsterdam to Cannes and Cagnes Sur Mer for Rimington's Ring - now run by Manningham-Buller.

There is a Templar castle just outside of Cagnes Sur Mer (take the main road out, turn right and right again and keep going until you get to a large iron gate). The number pad to let you in is: 1461 although Tomlinson used to add 5 to this number - maybe this was his specific code number.

The code is based on a Templar battle fought in this year, in the area. The castle was completed 30 years later in 1491.

Stephen Daldry and Andrew Marr are frequent visitors to this castle and have organised as well as participated in the Templar rites. They have tortured and murdered women and children in the castle and grounds. The rites are atrocities, pure and simple - I cannot go into details here.

Another important detail is that the French locals know nothing of the castle. It was restored by craftspeople who were brought in from the outside. It can be seen aerially though. Try Google Earth.

Also, the castle belongs to the British aristocracy and the Ring refer to the Lord who owns it as 'Blueberry' or 'Bluebeard'.

Now, who would that be?

Anonymous said...

I think you are talking about the Templar Castle near Corbin...besides, the 'green knights' have already decided to move it back to the UK.

Remember the Arturian legend of the Fisher King? King Pelles of Corbinec Castle? It is a 'magical' one which moves around alot - particularly after British Intelligence discovers you have put up the code for their numberpad!

This is no 'magical castle' though - it is British Intelligence's Azakaban where they torture and murder innocents in the main, according to their ORDO/OTO rites.

Anonymous said...

The Fisher King?

Now that is interesting - the last Templar King on Malta was called:

Hompesche - homme + peche

The Illuminati cult began in ancient times as primarily a 'fishing cult'. The fear of volcanoes erupting and the idea that the fish in the rivers, streams and lakes might dry up - not to mention the seas.

The 'warrior code' developed once naval forces began in the West...and this primitive fishing cult developed into something far more sinister. A cult which involved human torture and sacrifice.

MI6 has its roots in naval intelligence and they also inherited the most terrible blood-lust S/M Masonic cult from it.

They still worship underground springs and ancient wells in a - well, what can one say? A pig-ignorant way.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was supposed to be about Richard Tomlinson and the Russians?

Why hasn't anyone talked about the psychotronic warfare which has been in development since Kruschchev?

The 'teardrop explodes' - anyone remember that?

The lachrymose glands produce proportionally exact, minute amounts of what used to be seen in many cultures as 'magical tears' which can produce miracles.

Bizarrely enough, British Intelligence used to collect the tears of their experimental guineapigs in phials, for the psychotronic experiments.

Operation TEARDROP was all about nuclear fission though, the ability of remote-viewers to cause explosions.

The shape of a teardrop, try watching a tap drip and work it out.

The Chinese knew about this 3000 years ago. The Daoists monks were the first real scientists on this planet.

The Russians were gassing their remote-viewers, changing the plasma of their blood in order to change the magnetic polarities of the positive and negative order to get people to levitate and do far more extraordinary things...

The Russians now have the ability to explode British nuclear plants through psychotronics and British Intelligence haven't worked out how to do this one yet. On verra.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned the creation of weather conditions yet. The gasses which mass over oceans, heat up and then turn into hurricane force winds.

NOT such a natural event nowadays.

British Intelligence haven't worked out how to do it yet, either.

Anonymous said...

What about 'timetravel', that hasn't been mentioned either.

Richard Tomlinson was trained as a remote-viewer, a very talented man. To their discredit, British Intelligence treated him so very badly that now, they only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Royal family codes for Putin are:

Narcissus 4321
Dingobat 4321
Crusador 4321

FBI codes are: IPSSISSIMUS 41371

Let us hope he gets out of the cult now.

Anonymous said...

For the record: Tomlinson's real name is Rory Macklin.

Rory Mackin is back working at MI6 - the whole sacking was a set-up to get him abroad and working for the Golden Chain again aka Rimington's paramilitary mafia ring, after she had been forced out of office.

Yes, his brother did have a hand in his sacking but they have made it up since. Both Macklins were last seen in their father's old flat in London.

Rory was recently ordered to deliver documents in Thailand -ostensibly as a representative,attending conference, in which he was to hand over the papers to a marine biologist. The papers were to do with Royal Illuminati plans for more terrorist attacks in the UK.

Anonymous said...

The new date set for Royal Illuminati terrorist attacks is the 14th July 2007. They have planned a whole series of bombings all over the world. Too numerous to mention. One hopes this advance warning will put them off once again but as ever this is only an intermediary measure.

British Intelligence have to sort themselves out, once and for all.

Ever wondered why you are so extensively checked whilst flying out of the UK rather than in?

The UK has been quarantined because of the mess in which British Intelligence is currently embroiled. The Crown has a stranghold on BI and its not going to let go without a battle. The Royal Military will see to that.

Anonymous said...

Lock up your children too - on the summer solstice. No joke. This is the biggest Illuminati rite of the year.

Little Madelaine's parents were part of the Illuminati ring - mind control slaves themselves. They know what happened to her - their subconscious minds know exactly what happened but they were powerless to stop it.

J K Rowling is also an Illuminati Monarch slave - she is an actress who has hardly put pen to paper regarding the Harry Potter books. The original author of the first four books - hasn't seen a penny from it - stolen goods.

Rowling was present at the rite in which Madeleine died - hence her offer of a reward in public, was all the more sickening.

Anonymous said...

Why not question those 'lucky' writers who attended workshops by Rowling in the South of France?

Complaints were launched after these workshops because of Rowling's inablity to think creatively. She is an actress and that is all. Her programmers were wrong to put her on public display in such a way. You can teach a person to act but you can't teach them to think creatively. Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Tomlinson has been Rowling's main programmer and Stephen Daldry her chief acting coach since 1980.

Tomlinson said of Rowling in relation to her being chosen as a 'puppet' author(and I quote):

'She's obedient - she's in love with me and it's easy to screw money out of her.'

Rowling was chosen to front this series of books because she was so malleable. She wanted fame and fortune without cost. Her Ashkenazim parents had bought her out of British Illuminti slavery and had also bought her what is known in the trade as a 'Pen and Ink Stand'. A ghost-writer who works as an unpaid slave - one of British Intelligence's operatives.

Rowling had told her programmers that she wanted to be an author.

The big problem was that they couldn't 'feed' her adult fiction written by ghost-writers because she didn't have the literary type of brain to write fiction (children's or adults) never mind talk about work which wasn't hers, in public.

However, they thought that they could get away with children's literature.

As it turns out, they didn't manage it - the workshops were to prove Rowling's downfall. It was plain that she had no creative imagination whatsoever and then the ghost authors began to speak out.

Fireworks time then. I almost feel sorry for her in a way - having to stand up and face the Press knowing that her secret is out yet having to go through the hell of the publicity machine with the publication of the last Harry Potter book.

It is Daldry and Tomlinson who should really be in the dock. Rowling is but a small, sad pawn in all of this.

Anonymous said...

RE: "The original author of the first four books - hasn't seen a penny from it - stolen goods."

Absolutely true.

Daldry and Tomlinson obviously haven't read Phillip Pullman's 'Clockwork'.

Pullman has worked for British Intelligence for most of his life. One in a long line of authors who have managed to break out of Illuminati MI6 control. Check out 'The Wonderful O' - Thurber's marvellous book which begins with a dedication to a certain 'Jap and Helen Gude' who saved him from the wicked spells of certain un-named 'witches and wizards' in British Intelligence. In plain speak - MI6 mind control programmers.

If they had read Pullman's 'Clockwork', they would know that if the true author isn't allowed to finish her story, that it will be cursed, including all of those who conspired to steal it from her and benefit from the proceeds.

Reality will break in and finish the Harry Potter saga. In short, the whole lot is now going to be exposed.

A little bird also tells me that when the first author initially refused to play ball, Rowling had a case of severe writer's block at this particular stage in her career.

Daldry and Tomlinson then tried to torture a suitable ending out of the real author but she wouldn't comply - gave them some old rope.

So the curse is set to come into force, towards the end of this month when Rowling unveils the last book.

This is all going to be rather fun, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

'Mrs Paul'?

Sorry - nobody home of that name.

'Brancosi shoes'?

I have it on authority that the Brancosi family do NOT share your views, Mr Tomlinson.

You OWE £500,000 and you will pay up or face the consequences.

You SQUANDERED the money on your paedophile habits, your Riviera lifestyle and now you will pay and pay - every last penny.

If there is ANYTHING at all to be learnt from this, Tomlinson, it is this:

The TAIL does NOT wag the DOG.

Remember that, all of you ALPH-ALPHA brains in British Intelligence.

Arrogance and stupidity from low-level operatives simply brings 'consequences'.

Anonymous said...


Why not name names?

Tomlinson was working for the Branconis.

True, like most Royal Family/MI6 operatives - they tend to think that they wag the dog in their mafia operations. Tomlinson needed mafia-approval for a lot of his illegal operations. Also true that he does not have approval for this particular piece of criminality.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight:

Tomlinson is currently back at MI6 and heading up the Counter-Terrorism division? (Info on other Tomlinson blogspot).

What sort of a joke is this?

What sort of a joke is MI6?

A paedophile manages to blackmail MI6 into not only letting him back into the fold i.e. a better job back at HQ but he also manages to wangle a promotion on the basis of threatening Scarlett with incriminating photographs of the 'man in the ambulance' at Lady Diana's death?

What sort of a joke is this?

Tomlinson had chipped Henri Paul in the kitchens beforehand. He had been on one of the large, black motorbikes hounding Diana's car and watched as she cried out for help after the accident without doing a thing - he was too busy securing his photographs of the ambulance as a blackmailing threat to MI6...

I repeat - what sort of a joke is this?

What sort of a joke are MI6?

Anonymous said...

If you would like to contact Richard Tomlinson aka Rory Macklin (birth name) at his current address:

Richard Ellis
14 Sycamore Road, Great Conard
(outside Colchester)

01787 376424

O1787 378869

Be warned though:

Both numbers are attached to this house but Stella Rimington might pick up on the first number...whereas you can leave a message for Tomlinson on the second number (he normally leaves it on ansaphone).

Listed under L. A. Ellis in the Colchester BT directory.

Although I do not doubt that both will have skipped the country by now - but it is still worth staking them out for a while - just in case they return.

Anonymous said...

From the journal of a high-level 'carrier pigeon' messenger for the Illuminati cult:

"The Well of Souls (Arabic:Bir el- Arweh) is the name of a natural cave located immediately beneath the Sakhrah (the Foundation Stone) in the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In addition to a small well shaped hole in the stone that looks into the cave, there is also an entrance on the southern side, via a set of steps passing through a gap between the stone and the surrounding bedrock.[1] The cave takes the form of a moderately sized room[2] (similar in floor space to the stone), the ceiling curving to the ground gently, and the floor having been flattened and carpeted. The southern end of the cave, through which the steps enter it, has man-made walls[3] to provide structural support to the cave roof above the steps.
Rabbi David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra attested to the existence of a cave, found under the Dome of the Rock,[4] known as the Well of Souls.
Since Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad ascended heavenwards from the stone, a related tradition has grown up that states that the Last Judgment will happen at the Sakhrah, and that the souls of the dead gather in the well of souls to wait for that event, and to pray."

This is it - this webpage on Wikipedia THE WELL OF SOULS explained EVERYTHING for me - I finally got what had happened below Temple Mount.

Firstly - look at the aerial photograph of it on Wikipedia - it looks like the reverse image of the Illuminati 'rabbit' drawing that they showed us early on - complete with the 'eye'.

Secondly the 'well of souls' is supposed to be a 'moderately sized' room - that was PRECISELY what I had stood in - in pitch dark blackness but knew it to be a cave in the rock - with Scarlett and Rimington BEFORE falling down the relatively small hole in the ground - missing the rungladder but riccochetting off its back wall into the rung ladder and getting stuck between the wall and ladder as a feet and hands found the rungs - very lucky indeed - as Rimington was to laugh about - they had had a nasty accident with one guy - who managed to impale himself on the spikes below.

Rimington had laughed at me in this 'well of souls' - I could hear people above and threatened to scream for help. She mentioned the people above and you could hear them faintly and how anyone screaming from that room would disturb them all greatly. I can see why now - the Muslims believe that the souls of the dead will congregate in this room - on the day of the Last Judgement. Anybody heard screaming from this 'well of souls' would be supposed to be a 'soul of the dead'. I guess that it what the guy had sounded like - the one who had impaled himself.

The article about the 'well of souls' states that this room is now carpetted...I would guess that a manhole cover has also been put down this tunnel underground from that cave-like room.

"According to pre-Islamic folklore, the well of souls was a place where the voices of the dead could be heard along with the sounds of the Rivers of Paradise, as, according to the folklore, the cave is located on top of the Abyss of Chaos; the cave is now known to have no exit apart from those leading to the surface of the Sakhrah, and the sounds have been argued to be a resonance effect similar to hearing the sea from seashells. The well of souls is sometimes conflated with the guf, a location in Jewish mythology, where the souls of the not-yet-born are stored, though the guf is usually considered to be a more heavenly location than an earth-bound one.
The Well of Souls is sometimes considered the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant in legends stating that the Ark was hidden beneath the Temple Mount, but removed when Solomon's temple was destroyed by the neo-Babylonians. In this context it appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark, although relocated to Tanis, Egypt."

One can see from the above information that nobody visiting the Dome of the Rock and hearing faint wailing from below...would want to find out
who was making that would be framed as a 'religious experience' - that one had heard the 'souls of the dead'.

In addition, one can see that 'according to the folklore, the cave is located on top of the Abyss of Chaos', apparently nobody on the Internet knows about this 'Abyss of Chaos' underneath the 'well of souls' apart from this article...couldn't find any other mention of it.

I know exactly what this 'Abyss of Chaos' beneath the Well of Souls means: it means Herod's Temple - used by the Templars for their evil rites.

Let me go over the events again...down the steps under the Dome of the Rock to that underground chamber called THE WELL OF SOULS - no light put in it - although I now have the distinct impression that I was shown this small room AND the red carpet on the floor AND a stand-up lamp in the corner at some point although have NO knowledge of this room on this side of the mirror...however, I was then taken there again and in complete darkness... - then down the rung ladder and a crawl through the rock - via a small hole made by a natural stream which had long since dried up - the TINTIN book about BLACK ISLAND (used on Illuminati programming as a mind control text by British Intelligence to 'cover' memories of abuse) also has a similiar tunnel which reminded me again of the whole experience and so prompted me to look up the Dome of the Rock again...Anyway the crawl through the rock would take one AWAY from the Dome of the underneath ANOTHER place on Temple Mount.

I can guess where THAT would be: the memory of walking around on Temple Mount with Rimington and Scarlett...her asking where I thought the
'temple' was and my pointing to that 'chessboard' with the 'rock sculpture pieces' upon it - in front of the Arabic Museum.

Rimington was messing around with my mind - she said 'no' and that 'everyone said that'...she then pointed to the other side of the Dome of the Rock and said that the Jews believed that their Temple had once stood over there and were planning to build their new one in that location.

This puzzled me no end...I had assumed that she was referring to that Masonic Temple underground to which we had all been taken for that terrible 'induction' into the OTO cult - underneath Temple Mount and like all of the others, who had been asked the same question - had immediately psychicly guessed that this was in fact, beneath that demonic 'rock piece' chessboard between the Islamic Museum and Al Aqsa Mosque - on the other side of the Dome of the Rock. It makes sense - the Templars and Imams were known to have a very 'cosy' relationship - when they all lived together in the Dome of the Rock.

This was what Rimington and Scarlett were to call 'HEROD'S TEMPLE'.

I wonder now...perhaps it was more accessible in that epoch. One can see that many of the early peoples, carved their houses into the rock...or used natural caves (and put windows and doors into them) which are all over the surrounding hills of they most probably did the same with Herod's the Assyrians did with their Temples...built them into the rock face. However, over the centuries...this 'cave cities' became buried.
The City of David is a case in point - just outside the walls of the Old City.

Herod is known to have been a 'conquering king' and not necessarily Jewish at all - most historians figure a Babylonian heritage and his Temple would
have been in keeping with whatever gods he worshipped - Sharon told me that in Sephardic history - Herod was recorded to have rounded up all of the
Jewish Rabbis and murdered them all - apart from one that he blinded and kept his prisoner - as a sort of 'seer'.

"...the cave is now known to have no exit apart from those leading to the surface of the Sakhrah"...

Why 'now known'?

Peculiar wording...suggesting that it was once known 'otherwise'...and it was once known that there was another exit to the 'well of souls' because I took
it down that rung ladder and via the small 'naturally carved' tunnel...further underground to Herod's Temple.

The ex-Microsoft guy who told me about the Palestinian excavations which were proceeding in that very area to determine why Al Aqsa Mosque AND
the Dome of the Rock were upon such shaky ground...there were splits beginning to occur in the beams and general supports for both buildings...and
something underground was causing them. One could guess where that might stem from...and would also assume that this excavation had found that secret Herod's what did they do about it? I searched the Internet for any references to this excavation after returning from Jerusalem but found guess is that they would have filled it in fast...the whole underground chamber beneath the well of souls. I do not suppose that the Muslim world would be ready to hear that there was a demonic Bablylonian Temple almost underneath Al Aqsa Mosque. It would take the rug from underneath their feet, in many ways.

One also has to say that certain Imams would have already been aware of it - along with the descendents of the Templars.

Perhaps then it was simply by necessity, in order to keep up the 'sham' of the public religion above ground - in the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque that the Illuminati had to do something about this underground cavern - making it impossible for them to use it anymore for 'inductions' into the cult.
If one were a cynic about the whole thing...maybe that was the way that it all went. If both of those edifices disappeared...all hell would break loose and
the Illuminati wouldn't be able to necessarily use Islam as the chosen NWO religion.

Anyway, as I was visualising the whole secret route underground, in my mind...another image hit me...a metaphorical one:

The Illuminati love to programme with bodily imagery...using the body as a site to store programming.

I suddenly 'saw' the 'well of souls' as the STOMACH. Imagine the stomach as a small roundish cave with the duct down into the intestines...that is
how it looked and felt go down there...then to follow the intestinal tunnel into a huge room...and that is when I thought SOLAR PLEXUS...or rather that large lower colon...need to look this up in a medical text book...the one that looks like an underground lake.

I then realised that this is figuratively, how this horrific 'trip' would have been programmed into brief, our 'souls' were then trapped within our
solar plexuses...this all ties in with my solarised menstrual 'energy' had become trapped in and around the solar plexus...and only the Yogis appear to recognise this phenomenon in women who have solarised menstrual cycles...12 periods a year rather than the normal 13...the 13 that follow the cycle of the Moon...but I had been programmed to follow the 12 monthly cycle of the Sun...the RA Freemasonry cult. A 'sun child' rather than a 'moon child'. This is a Roman/Babylonian cult although the RA Freemasons see the Egyptians as having begun it all - with the Pharoah Akhenaton. Herod appears to have come from the Babylonian region (according to the Sephardim scribes) and if this was really his Temple - then it wasn't Egyptian and it didn't look Egyptian either. It looked vaguely Arabic and Masonic but I have no idea, how modern the interior design was - in 1980 - the usual strange symbols and marbled floor of the anteroom with a big sun on it, in large yellow triangles with black and grey surrounds. It could have been Victorian, for all I know. In fact, it most probably was. It was far too pristine to be ancient - the immaculately carved twisted, stone pillars at the entrance to the main Temple etc...or carefully restored - either way...but I am thinking more 'USA CAFE' type interior design in Budapest...with the same twisted pillars and gold leaf around...sort of fin-de-siecle baroque.

In addition, when one thinks of planets or 'stars'...the Earth is supposed to be molten at the is a burnt-out star in a way...this corresponds to 'centre of the earth' programming. The centre is the 'Sun' of your being. The molten lava and fire and gases.

Anyway, there was a shaft to get out of the main hall of this Temple that lead out from the back of the 'altar' and on the right of it...rather like the shafts that
lead out of the pyramids. We then came out onto high up rocky ground...the type around the whole of Temple Mount. Not sure which location but assume near to Zion Gate and then walked down to a waiting coach below that...and there are many down by the main road on that side of Temple Mount.

What actually happened at the Herodian Temple:

The figures cloaked in black on either side of the Priest at the altar - the Masonic codes and signals - a 'test' - the reading of the symbols on the shield - the 'levitating' golden cup...and I am now beginning to see that this whole thing was a set-up...rather like a David Blane (?) show (and most probably directed by one of those 'Hollywood' CIA operatives in London, from the 1960s e.g. John Waters - those who had incidentally, fooled the Rockefellers into believing in a 'lizard god' in the first place - all smoke and mirrors - special effects - the whole OZ program)...

Then the massive force that materialised above our heads and the Priest and then Rimington trying to get it under control and failing. The materialised 'force' wanted to murder ALL of them upon the spot and it was all I could do to reason with it - telepathically. Something in retrospect, I would never attempt to do again. It would have been better if they had all died - there and then.

When I used those commands...they were telepathic mind control commands to stop the aorta and blood vessels to Rimington's heart...and to close the Priest's throat...this was done via the 'force' that appeared...after they had made me sit on that 'throne' (and you know the rest - the spike up your anus - electric shock and 'esoteric' experience) and I am thinking the combined telepathic force of quite a few people here...but someone KNEW the codes of those bastards...and had wanted them all dead...and gave me those images/commands telepathically which I then imposed into the minds of those two...and it worked. One can see just how dire the mind control programming of both Rimington and Scarlett had be able to implant such a 'thought' as in 'mind control command' into their minds and then to make their bodies actually 'do' it but those familiar with mind control programming know that this is easily possible by the spoken word but by telepathy?

Anyway, after the Priest and Rimington had collapsed upon the floor, everyone was made to disrobe and then this 'wind' or 'force' followed us out of the underground Temple - it rushed past us...and exited via the rock doorway in the side of the Mount...rather like what had happened at the Templar
Castle...when President Putin smashed the Templars' ORB...we had to let it out of the Castle...and did so...the strange white force that lit up the sky over the burning Castle...that the British Army was to register as a possible chemical explosion that had occurred within it and wanted to know what exactly had been kept in that Castle...and I kept quiet about it at the time - figuring that they would never believe me - pearls before swine.

In addition, what Mark (a 'dissident' Rockefeller) had told me about the 'rock' in the Dome of the Rock sucking up the soul energy from those of us programmed there...CANNOT now be true and on several accounts...firstly that we were not below the Dome of the Rock anymore and so whatever rock was above us...wasn't the rock in the Dome of the fact, what was directly above us...was an evil sculpture of ourselves as 'rock pieces' on a evil Illuminati joke no doubt...we had all been turned into 'rock people'...and guess what I am thinking now...the ROCKEFELLERS. Secondly, that at the Templar Castle near Mons, France 2001...this soul energy was kept prisoner in an ORB - which had some anti-gravity mechanisim but no idea what to make of that...

All I can guess is that someone, somewhere at that point (the guy working the mechanism behind the curtain? The one who made the golden cup elevate by wires and so obviously...) had found a similar ORB and smashed it, to release such powerful energy...and to then watch the fireworks that the Priest tried to take 'it' on in a psychic match and lost...

Or maybe it was an accident...accidents do happen now and any rate...I do not think that this was to do with the properties of the 'rock' above
us at all...although one could say that metaphorically, it was the Rockefeller family, sucking up our energies...

All I can say is that I had a mind-link to this force and subsequently experienced what happened, through myself at the time...

General notes on British Intelligence mind control programming in the tunnels under Jerusalem:

If however, one came from the in under the MI Hotel...or the in the 'crocodile tunnel' from Bathsheba's pool...then one might come a cropper with the 'minotaur'...or rather horrible memories of this 'British Crown jewels' programming en route...I have no idea where the 'gorgon' was supposed to be situated in these underground tunnels...or maybe that was the whole point of 'riding the snake' down Warren's mineshift in the City of David...

I suppose that the graduates would have had to enact out 'failing' to save the chained princess on the rock at some point because Daldry was of the opinion in Prague - that Perseus doesn't manage to save her from being eaten by the sea monster...and one can assume that they also 'failed' to cut the head off the Medusa i.e. Rimington...all part of programming.

Other notes on the programming script used in conjunction with this terrible experience under Temple Mount:

TINTIN: THE BLACK ISLAND - This was the book which must have been used upon all of us on programming in 1980 - in relation to that tiny rock tunnel that leads Tin-Tin into the 'Black Island' Castle - it is virtually identical and Tin-Tin also has to crawl through it - he then meets the ferocious black gorilla (or Tomlinson pretending to be a Minotaur - either way - these stories are all intertwined and mixed up - purposefully)...and I suppose we were always supposed to view our memories of under Temple Mount in a 'Tin-Tin' story sort of way...that was the visualisation and story which was supposed to cover up our memories of the OTO Temple horror underground.

Other notes:

I have been in contact with Israeli Intelligence for some time now...and figure that I have them to thank for so many of these 'clues' - as well as 'scanning my memory banks' to help me on the way to breaking those walls down...retrieving every memory that I could. They must have either known or found out about what the Rockefeller family was up to, under Temple Mount because this wasn't Israeli was Palestinian territory...Moshe Dayan had given the Palestinian Authority control of Temple Mount...and so the Illuminati were in collaboration with the Palestinian authorities who controlled Temple order to conduct these OTO ceremonies underground.

One can see from the 'rock people' chessboard, strategically placed over the Herodian Temple and between Al Aqsa Mosque and the Arabic Museum - that this programming object would have most probably been bought by Rockefeller money - who had funded the whole thing, along with the British Royal Family. It would be interesting to know the date that this 'sculpture' was acquired or donated to the Palestinian authorities in question, on Temple Mount.

Black Rabbit said...

For a whole load more information upon RICHARD TOMLINSON - see the link below:

It can also be accessed from: by clicking on the GREEN hyperlink at the bottom - 320 comments left so far.

Anonymous said...

Please refer to

Mr. X and Pinkplanet has written a blog as well. It is very rare to see almighty's blog. visit it!!!!

Anonymous said...

the blog's name has changed. here it is.

Anonymous said...

Putin is a puppet? Oh, really? Then who is the puppet running this blog?

When a "source" of information runs against the wall of conflicting information, he is usually revealed as a puppet running for some master.

So, who is the puppet master who gave this "information" about Putin to be spread around? Is the puppet of this blog allowed to reveal that?

No? Didn't think so.

By the way, nice code you've got there. Too bad it's worthless.

Black Rabbit said...

I would like to comment upon this offensive little post by ‘anonymous’.

“Putin is a puppet? Oh, really? Then who is the puppet running this blog?

When a "source" of information runs against the wall of conflicting information, he is usually revealed as a puppet running for some master.

So, who is the puppet master who gave this "information" about Putin to be spread around? Is the puppet of this blog allowed to reveal that?

No? Didn't think so.

By the way, nice code you've got there. Too bad it's worthless.”

Let me analyse this one to show you the illogical ‘linguistic’ workings of an ILL mind:

Firstly the conflation of two completely unrelated items.

1. You are calling PUTIN a puppet – therefore you must be one.

2. You are calling this paper tissue a paper tissue and therefore you must be a paper tissue also.

The second sentence is dependent upon quasi-imagery of a wall – which ones hits when one is in possession of certain information.

The ‘wall’ represents the information that OPPOSES the information which you are carrying.

The ‘wall’ then talks to you and tells you that you are a PUPPET.

The point is - do you believe a 'talking wall'?

Again, this is absolute nonsense.

The poster then asks who the ‘puppet master’ is who has allowed this information to be exposed.

I can answer that one easily – the whole lot of them – CIA, MI6, MI5, MOSSAD because none of them have actually managed to murder me for doing it.

The ‘nice code’?

The poster is referring to the one at the MI HOTEL. It may well be ‘worthless’ now that it has been exposed, granted but it was in operation previously to program RA SLAVES.

By the way, I am aware that MI6 referred to the MASONS as THE WALL.
Are the MASONS aware that this person has decided to act as their ‘spokesperson’ upon this blog?

If they are not...maybe they should check this person out...

Black Rabbit said...

I might add that yesterday, I was in W H SMITHS and I came across yet another EMILY GRAVETT book.

I had thought up the ILLustrations for the first one, under MARK R’s instruction.

Yet I was to have no hand in the second EMILY GRAVETT book - about PRINCE WILLIAM and LADY DIANA.

A third EMILY GRAVETT book is now on sale in W H SMITHS and it is a story about a lonely rabbit in a field…and how by the end of the book…the RABBITS have ‘bred’ to an extent that the whole field is bursting with them.

RIMINGTON had showed me this book in 2004 - she had said, words to the effect of:

“You see - you only manage to wake up about 200 people (rabbits) and you will then think that it wasn’t worth it - all of those years…(writing on the internet)”.

The main theme of the book appears to be FIBONACCI’s LAW - and you can guess what this means:

MARK R and the FIB (rather than the FBI).

However, my Chinese ‘friends’ and they now number BILLIONS…appear to have got the ROYAL FAMILY’s number…and how.

Not to mention those in QUEENSLAND - is there a connection somewhere…CHINA/QUEENSLAND/TV/MEDIA = RUPERT MURDOCH

Always the REPUBLICAN - he’s got them - hasn’t he?

Anyway, I will try to post the above but last time I tried - I was denied access to my blogspot and this code came up:


(I have now changed blogspot as you can see - in order to post up my next 'comment')

Black Rabbit said...

PayPal Emily Gyde, changes to the PayPal User Agreement - please read Fri, 11/20/09 17KB

This might be to do with DAVID ICKE's site or it might looks highly suspicious to me and has just arrived this morning - therefore I will not open it. ICKE's site tends to use RBS anyway...I cannot remember if it is PAYPAL affiliated. That is the only service that I currently use, to transfer money (to pay for the newsletter) upon the web.

Black Rabbit said...

A new SPAM email in my inbox:



Well my other blogspot has just been 'hacked' and I cannot post comments upon it anymore...

Black Rabbit said...

I currently have 14 blogspots but I cannot now post on some of them...and I would guess that the number 14 is a ritualistic part of the ILL CULT fact, I know that it is...RIMINGTON had told me:

"You only have that many chances to get the information out."

So do you know what I shall do today?

I shall give myself another 20 BLOGSPOTS in 'back-ups' - just in case the ILL CULT decides to hack any more...

Black Rabbit said...

I have now added 20 new BLOGSPOTS to my list - making it 26 in all (I have put DALDRY's back on for the hell of it).

I do not suppose that I will need them at all but I did it because I know that 'limiting' me to a certain amount of 'chances' was part of the ILL CULT game and I have decided to give myself an infinitesimal amount of many as I is all about taking back CONTROL.

i also used every single BLOG SPOT layout design to cover all bases...having seen that one represented SHARON as in Mr 'tic tac' - who did the others represent?

Black Rabbit said...

A mistake there...I didn't mean 20...I meant 12...there are 12 basic formats that you can choose as layout...and you can tweak these, once you have put them up...there are different versions of the same basic layouts...

Black Rabbit said...

I now have 26 blogspots...some of which I cannot post on and others I have put nothing on, as yet...

The new ones are entitled:

...up to...

Black Rabbit said...

I have just sent an email to:

I have forwarded PCWORLD's last email to me and I have sent her the following message:

"Please read the following forwarded email from PCWORLD and take NOTE.

Kind regards,

Emily Gyde"

Will anybody buy COMPUTER INSURANCE from PCWORLD or COMPUCOVER ever again, I wonder?

Black Rabbit said...

Okay, let me recap:

The JESUIT map where most ISLAMIC countries are in GREY and appear to have ‘resisted’ any JESUIT presence…including GREENLAND. What religion(s) is GREENLAND?


The GREY MEN…who have lightning conductors I.e. SOUL-SWARMS…see LONDON metro map.

Let me tot it up:


AMADEUS got us all invited to SAUDI ARABIA as a remote-viewing team.

Apart from MARK R and myself - the rest of the ‘NY crazy company’ were all in BURKHAS.

Watch the LINK movies to see AMADEUS disguised as a ARABIAN SORCEROR in PINK upon an ORANGE carpet…what does he say to FLY?


That is what AMADEUS had called the ‘remote-viewing unit’ in BURKHAS.

…and therefore to summarise:

We were the ‘squad Allah’ unit - we were working for the SAUDIS.

(I kept pondering upon what this cartoon character was really saying…it sounded like ‘squalene’ at first but then I remembered AMADEUS at the airport saying ‘Squad Allah’! as a joke, when he saw the ‘unit’ in burkhas).

So now I am beginning to get a much better overall picture:

The SAUDIS were onto the JESUITS’ case - via AMADEUS (who had once been a JESUIT general - in charge of them at any rate - whatever the term is - and under POLISH POPE John Paul - his good friend).

Black Rabbit said...

At one point within the CIA LAB ‘experience’…I had told AMADEUS that the rebel group would win - I had seen the tipping point in the future…and that their victory would be slow but sure…AMADEUS pondered that one and then lightly laughed…and told me that he had therefore decided to be a leader of it…this would make the ILL GAME even more fun…to play against his ‘old friends’…everything that he had once believed in and stood for…

So one can see that until that point in time - AMADEUS, RIMINGTON, TOMLINSON, MACDONALD etc…were all of the opinion that the rebel group didn’t really have a chance…they, themselves, were pretending to be ‘rebels’ but weren’t really…however the tide had now changed…the movement behind them, had grown to an extent that once AMADEUS had turned the tables…there was no going back - for any of them…whether they liked it or not.

So despite my misgivings - in relation to an ISLAMIC NWO - I was now working for the SAUDI ARABIA and by default, ISLAM (as a mind control slave remote-viewer) - even if I were only aware of this fact, in terms of ‘comrades-in-arms’ against the NWO and the ILL CULT in general.

That was the general ‘gist’ of ’ambience’ of the audience with the SAUDI ARABIAN ROYALTY. I was happy to be in their company, in their country and I felt ‘safe’.

Even though, AMADEUS was telling one of them ‘O Master I have failed’…it didn’t seem like he had, at all…and they didn’t seem to take what he had done as a ‘failure’ - despite agreeing with him, upon the face of it.

BIG CATS…it was like walking into a ‘big cat’ lair…but if you like ‘cats’ then you are okay and you do not upset them…that is what they were projecting, at any rate. I have no idea what I was projecting - probably ‘silver tabby kitten’.

Were they also conscious of what they were projecting?

Black Rabbit said...

I suppose that I must make an apology to that SAUDI PRINCE’s son at WARWICK…he was right to be highly suspicious of a ‘hidden Catholic’…no matter how lovely MANNEKE was…how charming, erudite and educated…it is just that when you see that ‘look’ in a CAT’S EYE…it is really quite horrifying for most human beings…watch BIG CATS or SMALL CATS for that ‘look in the eye’ as predators before they ‘go in for the kill’…it is quite profoundly scary.

This is a bit of a muddle…because the SECRET JESUIT ORDER at the TEMPLAR CASTLE were all called CAT’S EYE programmers.

JESUITS were seen as CAT’S EYE programmers…despite the fact that at the TEMPLAR CASTLE - WILL SELF was one of them but he looks like a RUSSIAN JOO (his mother was ASHKENAZIM)…this is quite confusing.

Black Rabbit said...


LEAD-POISONING episode in relation to AMADEUS and the JESUITS

I cannot remember where the apartment was, now…but that wasn’t the focus of my attention within the CIA LAB…the main thing…was that once AMADEUS had decided to REALLY join the rebel group…his future altered.

His future altered significantly - and the future itself, changed - for all of us.

That is how powerful these figures are.

As with OBAMA - AMADEUS then wanted me to ‘scan the future’ and to make sure that his life was all right and that his death was a ‘normal one’…it wasn’t.

I whizzed through it all and got to the point where he was ashen-faced in that department with dark blood trickling from his nose…I went into his head…he told me ‘the cancer has come back’…I wasn’t so sure…I whizzed back in time…I began to whizz backwards through his ‘life’ in that apartment and then also who to who was in that apartment before (in case they had planted something)…and that is when I saw what had happened…

The men who were painting the apartment and the walls down the corridor - in between the exchange of hands from one tenant to another - AMADEUS would rent that apartment in the future…the men were dressed in ordinary overalls…and they had ‘wallpaper paste trays’ and rollers…I heard their conversation and it was about the fact that what they were putting onto the walls wouldn’t affect anybody else…because only AMADEUS’ apartment was down that short corridor. They were painting inside his apartment and also outside of it…down a short, narrow corridor.

Black Rabbit said...

Let me tell you what alerted me to the fact that all wasn’t right here…not just the above…it was MIKE WILLIAMS…my best friend HELEN’S husband…whilst watching the FAST SHOW with the both of them…he had pointed out to us, that the GAMEKEEPER is never doing anything ‘useful’ when ARISTOCRATIC ‘loverboy’ comes to call…and in that specific episode…the gamekeeper was banging nails into a post by a field…he had already banged several into it and they stuck out in a useless sort of way…but he was so engaged in the task, that he couldn’t hear ‘loverboy’ trying to get his attention…HELEN and I had missed that visual joke but MIKE hadn’t…”he is always doing something useless but you think he is doing something that isn’t”.

So when I came to view those guys in overalls with the WALLPAPER PASTE…it made me think twice…once I had realised that they were painting the WALLPAPER and not the walls…

Black Rabbit said...

Additionally, I had been fascinated by the 1950s and 1960s stories of people being poisoned by the LEAD in wallpaper paste behind Victorian wallpaper…but that is the point isn’t it?

You bought an old house that hadn’t been used for let us say, 50 years or more…and then you tried to strip the walls of wallpaper and you got poisoned…

LEAD POISONING is deadly - it is supposed to be fatal. The government then alerted local councils etc…

However, these guys were painting what appeared to be costly and ornate (embossed) wallpaper with WALLPAPER PASTE and for no apparent reason…

AMADEUS’ apartment looked like it had come from the ‘turn-of-the-century’…the same antique wallpaper, art deco lifts…you name it…a very costly apartment in the centre of a city…one that hadn’t been rented out for a long time…but had suddenly ‘came on the market’.

The above is how I realised that ‘all was not as it seemed’…

It is not as if the JESUITS were there, in their CASSOCKS…painting the walls…young, handsome men in overalls…but the effect would have been the same.

This all reminds me of a passage in DEREK JARMAN’s diaries…about a young, handsome, virile ‘workman’ in his home - putting something up above his fireplace or something like that - whom he is particularly sexually attracted to…and how he talks about this with his partner…I am getting a very sinister feeling here…of the JESUITS at work again…they didn’t like JARMAN, did they?

Black Rabbit said...


In JERUSALEM 2006…watching the young men…the FRANCISCAN MONKS who led the tour of the VIA DOLOROSA…I was struck by their physical beauty - chiselled jaws etc…and how ‘ARMY’ they looked…not out of place upon a parade ground - with their shaven heads and athletic bodies…easily seen, outlined underneath their robes…I was keenly ‘aware’ that I was in the presence of the ‘military’ rather than that of a ‘religious order’.

A ‘fact’ that I then told SHARON about…how could he not know that military intelligence operated through these religious groups?

SHARON simply replied that if the group was ‘peaceful’ then ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE had no truck with them…they were watching for suicide bombers etc. and they were over-stretched as far as that one was concerned.

Let me add a note here - a young JAPANESE woman alerted me to this particular VIA DOLOROSA tour - she was my ‘tip-off’.

Black Rabbit said...


It all makes me laugh now…AMADEUS…the SPANISH INQUISITION…the VATICAN…

I mean - AMADEUS had been ‘one of them’ - an ex-general - and yet they were to try and murder him in the future…

One can see how fraught, power-relations within the VATICAN are…

An analogy can be drawn to what the IDF have to put up with…every time there is a ‘bun-fight’ at the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE…because they then have to go and ‘sort it out’ I.e. warring CHRISTIAN MONKS (and of higher status) of various denominations…

You can see how this would occur because these different streams of CHRISTIANITY are very different indeed and stemming back centuries…for example, the difference between an EGYPTIAN COPTIC and GREEK ORTHODOX…the earliest of the Christian religions…

CHRISTIANITY in a hot-house…in these ‘closed institutions’, tempers are liable to run hot…

So too with the VATICAN.

When one looks at how many ‘orders’ and ‘divisions’ of monks, priestly hoods…all over the world…the CATHOLIC CHURCH is a mammoth body…and one can imagine that there are many ‘bun-fights’ which end up in ROME…with their ‘representatives’ fighting their corner.

Black Rabbit said...

So even though AMADEUS had managed to ‘turn’ the CATHOLIC CHURCH to the RIGHT HAND PATH…and this is now seen within the general outlook of the VATICAN e.g. interest in ALIENS/UFO (and they never, ever put out publicity in this way, unless it is a real interest of theirs) - AMADEUS still had enemies within the VATICAN and also worldwide…


“He is a SAINT” I can hear upon the networks…particularly from the CATHOLICS but in general - BRITISH MUSLIMS in particular…

“Well hardly” he replies…”I did what I could do…”

Black Rabbit said...

I can now see how POPE CLEMENT struck such a cord with AMADEUS, MACDONALD and myself...and why they quickly put together various websites to SHOW to the world - what the JESUIT ORDER was all about...mind control slaves...of an elite order.

AMADEUS had been one of them...he knew...he sympathised and understood...hence 'I never knew him but I know what hell his life must have been' website obituary. See previous notes.

Black Rabbit said...

The above was the message that AMADEUS was putting to all 'closed orders' and institutionalised orders...of the VATICAN...the world over...

"We know what we really stand for. We know what we really believe in. Please do not go upon the LEFT HAND PATH."

Black Rabbit said...

In ILL CULT terms, I might add:

Do NOT go on the RIGHT HAND PATH either.

See previous notes upon how you were programmed to be demonic on either the RIGHT or LEFT HAND PATH at the MI HOTEL in Jerusalem.

On the LEFT - the graduates met a 'hidden toilet'.

On the RIGHT - they found a small barbecue with a tiny, fried foetus.

Black Rabbit said...

However, once you KNOW what the ILL CULT understand as their LEFT and RIGHT hand paths...

You are free to RISE above them.

Yes, they appear to think that at their lower level of consciousness that all you can choose is 'toilet' as in 'brainwashing' or cannibalism...

That is LIZARD-BRAIN thinking of those who controlled the ILL CULT at that point in time and 'lizard-brain' people are not quite right in the head...despite how much money they might have...

Black Rabbit said...

Let me talk about another subject briefly:


How is that going to pan out?

MARK R organised a 'fiesta' of a HOLLYWOOD bonanaza with 'drag artistes' on wires, with wings...chorus girls...and guess what?

LADY DIANA (emerging from the UNDERWORLD) upon a very large seashell - centre stage - at the top of some very high stairs...

Black Rabbit said...

Try to guess what this one is all about...I think that I have already worked it out:

I was thinking about the deaths of LADY DIANA...and then JADE GOODY in detail...

I then remembered MARK R and his converation with myself and others about KATIE PRICE...

The basic idea was that she would 'go the same way'...but would they include 'PETE' or not?

Black Rabbit said...

All i can say to the POLICE is this:

KATIE PRICE and PETE will have a 'box' or 'compartment' in their minds in which they KNOW that the ILL CULT have planned their 'deaths'.

Black Rabbit said...

As far as ILL CULT procedure is concerned - if they give you a costly and elaborate funeral - it means that you are probably still alive and living somewhere in this world...

If you DISAPPEAR - then that almost certainly means that you are dead.

Black Rabbit said...

I remember telling MARK R at the TEMPLAR CASTLE that it would be too sickly-sweet if LADY DIANA came back as a MOTHER MARY FIGURE...

I had looked into the future and decided (if we WATCHERS couldn't change it) that KATIE PRICE was a lot less BORING...she would add a twist of colour and amusement to the whole HOLLYWOOD SHOW...

Black Rabbit said...

What was I talking about?

MARK R was simply filming images that he would then project into the brains of his microchipped slaves.

Black Rabbit said...

So yes, KATIE PRICE and possibly PETE are 'up for the chop' now and really over-the-top pantomime funerals.

However, they do not 'really die'.

They 'come back' within PROJECT BLUBEAM.

Black Rabbit said...

I would guess that most people think that I am off my nut by writing such stuff but I am NOT.

Let me tell you this - PROJECT BLUBEAM was all about creating 'miracles' and making everybody 'radio-active' as in 'hearing voices'.

I was trying to understand what th ILL CULT were up to in relation to:

LADY DIANA (still alive)
JADE GOODY (still alive)

JADE is still alive...any doctor, worth their salt...would tell you...that you do not look 'angelic without your hair - chubby faced' in a newspaper...when cancer gets are look like belsen victim or worse, much worse...whatever age you are...2 years old, 30 years old or 80 years old....

Black Rabbit said...

JADE looked like an chubby-faced and entirely well' angel despite her hair loss...

Black Rabbit said...

...and as any CANCER WARD specialist will tell you, you do NOT look like that, before you die from cancer.

Not like the PRESS photographs of JADE GOODIE at any rate.

Black Rabbit said...

If cancer really has 'secondaries' within all of your most important body parts...lymphatic system, liver, are a look like a belsen victim at the end (if you hold on that long)...

JADE GOODY simply looked like chubby-faced angel- to whom they had given a HEAD WAX (rather than body wax).

Black Rabbit said...

So project BLUBEAM is an END OF TIMES scenario - where the DEAD COME BACK.

This is what many religious faiths believe...

For example, in Christianity - after CHRIST has come back and everybody is 'saved' - the graves open and the dead are ressurrected.

Black Rabbit said...

I remember MARK R looking for ideas - as to where KATIE PRICE would meet her fake death...they needed a new scenario...not a car crash or cancer...he asked me and I said 'at sea'...he thought about that one but said, upon reflection - it would be too difficult to get the bodies back and make it all look realistic in relation to 'accident at sea'.

Black Rabbit said...

I remember watching LADY DIANA's funeral which was hideously painful...because I couldn't understand why the ROYAL FAMILY had made her sons walk behind her funeral cortege.I thought that this was an obscene emotional was okay at a private funeral but with the eyes of the world upon them?

I remember watching HARRY frowning the whole time and then WILLIAM giving him a quick smile and I interpreted that one as the 'brave older brother' supporting his younger brother.

Now I know, the entire funeral was a faked publicity stunt...those two little f***ers had known all along that she wasn't dead...they were simply trying to look serious enough and to keep a straight face...

Black Rabbit said...

Their mother had been chosen to star in PROJECT BLUBEAM as a sort of VENUS RISING figure - to be beamed via microchip around the world...the BLACK NOBILITY GODDESS.

Black Rabbit said...

...and PROJECT BLUBEAM was most probably planned to take place this Xmas...

So if you start having weird visions of LADY DIANA/JADE GOODY and many others...who are 'back from the dead'...they never died - it was all a con - don't get superstitious - get angry.

Black Rabbit said...

I was wondering about CHESHIRE CATS yesterday...and figured that KATIE PRICE must definitely be one.

Black Rabbit said...

My ORANGE mobile phone was making that sound - that the battery was running low, this morning...

I had a new text message about topping up...and I also had the 'voicemail' icon showing...

Now I had left a message upon that phone about my benefit - because I needed to check it all out first at the bank...and yes, the money had gone in.

I therefore mistakenly figured that I had listened to my ansaphone messages whenever I saw that symbol again...silly of me.

In point of fact - somebody had rung up from CHP called TONY something...a woman...I couldn't get her last name.

Anyway, TONY from CHP wants to visit me on MONDAY sometime in relation to what she calls a 'STARTER TENANCY VISIT'.

The odd thing about this telephone call was that she gave a MOBILE PHONE number and not a landline number.

Now, this always makes me suspicious. Her mobile phone number is:


Black Rabbit said...

Haven't I seen that number before somewhere?

It is the 888 which is ticking me off...that is the 'demonic TAU' number.

I had come across it in a string of numbers, some time ago and in relation to the PRINCES.

What is the best way to proceed?

I shall email CHP this morning and ask them to confirm the above.

Black Rabbit said...

I have therefore sent an email to HEATHER SCHULTZ of CHP to inform her of the above voicemail:

Dear Heather,

I received a voicemail earlier on in the week from somebody who said that they were working for CHP and that they wanted to do a ‘STARTER TENANCY VISIT’ upon this MONDAY 23rd November.

However, the message left was rather muffled and I couldn’t quite get the person’s name (it sounded like TONY - a woman’s voice) or the mobile phone number which she left (which sounded like 07738885096 but I couldn’t be sure).

Could you possibly confirm the above for me?

I am quite happy to meet a member of CHP at any time, for this ‘starter tenancy visit’ this Monday 23rd November - just give me a time to be in - at your convenience.

Kind regards,

Emily Gyde

Black Rabbit said...

Okay this is going to really make you laugh.

I decided to do a GOOGLE SEARCH for the mobile phone number:


I got a website - see above where it asked you to enter the MOBILE PHONE NUMBER in question.

I did so and then found out that the MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS below - were all COLOUR-CODED.

The offending number above was colour-coded RED.

The MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS were either in RED, GREEN or BLUE and they meant different things:

GREEN: Mobile Numbers that have full compatibility with the selected number

RED: Antagonism, opposition or contentiousness

BLUE: Neutral with a big influence
Neutral with medium influence
Neutral with almost non influence

Black Rabbit said...

So I then decided to check out my own MOBILE PHONE NUMBER upon this site - it registered it and gave me a 'numerological reading' - however it didn't appear upon the page as the RED number had fact all of the numbers appeared to begin with:


I therefore went back to GOOGLE to tap in my own mobile phone number in the hope that it would bring up this website again:

It didn't - 'no results' at all.

I then began to remember...MARK R, MACDONALD and I - had set up the above site - to remind me that this MOBILE PHONE number was that of a RED PIECE.

Therefore one can assume that all of the RED NUMBERS upon this page - are ones to look out for - you do not want any truck with these people...

Black Rabbit said...

I then clicked on 'find 777' numbers upon the website - thinking that I might not have got the right page to search for my own (even though it had registered it and given a 'reading' of my number stated upon the website)...

Guess what?

My MOTHER's mobile phone number came up and a 'reading' for it:

0 + 7 + 7 + 9 + 0 + 7 + 4 + 7 + 4 + 9 + 5 = 59
5 + 9 = 14
1 + 4 = 5

The meaning of number Five deals with travel, adventure, and motion. With the highs that come with these attributes, Fives also carry instability and unpredictability, and radical changes. The meaning of Five draws our attention to the wonder of life, and beckons us to appreciate the perception of chaos all around us. Five has wild vibrations: primitive and erratic. When Five continues to pop up in your life be prepared for some action, like a trip. Remember, trips aren't all necessarily taken physically. Some of the best journey's are taken in the mind and spirit.

Black Rabbit said...

The above URL has my mother's reading upon it - believe me - I never tapped her number in - it just 'came up' out of the blue.

Black Rabbit said...

I have really stumbled upon something here, haven't I?

This is all to do with the ILL giving you a certain mobile phone number and then using you as a 'colour-coded' piece.

Black Rabbit said...

According to the website:

"The following mobile phone numbers have been created from the same seed and hence share the same properties and meanings. If any of the following numbers is used as a seed itself then the generated set of numbers inherence the seeds' properties, whilst getting a new set of properties unique for the number. For a perfect match in your life find a person with a compatible mobile phone number."

Black Rabbit said...

So what does my MOBILE PHONE number generate:


0 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 3 + 1 + 6 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 7 = 46
4 + 6 = 10
1 + 0 = 1

One primarily deasl with strong will, positivity, pure energy. The number One reflects new beginnings, and purity. The meaning of number One is further clarified when we understand One represents both kinds of action: physical and mental. This combined with Ones urgency for new beginnings, we begin to see Ones recurring in our lives indicates a time to exert our natural forces, take action, and start a new venture. One encourages us our action will be rewarded in kind.

Black Rabbit said...

What does the RED PIECE mobile phone number generate:


0 + 7 + 7 + 3 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 5 + 0 + 9 + 6 = 61
6 + 1 = 7

Sevens, like Threes, deal with magical forces. Sevens deal with esoteric, scholarly aspects of magic. Representative of scholarly activities, mystery, and the focused search for esoteric meanings. Seven deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness. Ruled by Saturn, Seven can represent impractical dreaming, but with a deeper understanding of the aspects of Seven, you can quite deftly utilize its magical vibration to your own benefit.

Black Rabbit said...

I do not think that I am in any danger from ILL CULT 'black magicians' here - I rose to AMADEUS' level once I had learnt how to use the 'spiral'.

This means that I top the JESUITS...

Gaining control of the SPIRAL - that is obviously a really big deal in ILL esoteric culture...

Black Rabbit said...

Did I mention that DAVID MILIBAND is a JESUIT?

The basic system is as can 'move up a class'...from:


However, each 'degree' involves a hideous amount of torture...

I read all of this - from the mind of MARTIN GILL - his father knew about the above system.

Black Rabbit said...

Anyway, the above website was merely a skit - to bring PUBLIC ATTENTION to RED PIECE phone numbers. They are all listed upon this website - colour-coded. Beware anybody who has one...

Black Rabbit said...

So what gives with the BARBARIAN CLASS?


AMADEUS told me that the ILL CULT had decided that they like AMAZONI women...that these women had a very important function within society...when the men cocked up...and should therefore be 'kept on'...

Black Rabbit said...

ILL SPAM in my inbox this morning:

Mr Kasimy Ricky Please Reply Urgently 2:03 AM 6KB

Black Rabbit said...

ROS - you should be very, very glad indeed - that I made you 'lose' that fight with 'XENA'. Would you really have wanted to be ferretted away by the PRINCES upon their 'chariot'?

Black Rabbit said...

Number 1 opposed to a 7?

MI1 opposed to SCARLETT's contingent at MI7

You are OUT OF YOUR DEPTH and you have been WARNED.

Black Rabbit said...

You wouldn't want to crash that nice little RED car of yours, would you?

Black Rabbit said...

Okay - so last night - I remember a lot more about what had gone on during and after that ‘audience’ in the SAUDI ARABIAN palace.

The ‘squad’ had been separated off into men/women’s quarters.

We were each called up in turn - by AMADEUS to go through some sort of ‘waco’ mind control test.

What did this involve?

AMADEUS picked you up and took you to meet the three SAUDIS in their main ‘hall’. You were told to sit down to the right of them - introduced to them - the SAUDIS then told you to ‘eat’.

In my case, AMADEUS watched me begin to eat and then left the room saying as he did so ‘it is done’. He came back to pick me up afterwards.

What was there to eat?

In front of you was what the ILL CULT tended to call the ‘dog bowl’ - this was a plate of eastern design - flat but with the edges turned up.

Upon this plate was a large amount of MUSTARD SEEDS.

To the right of the plate was a large piece of eastern bread - akin to an Indian nan-bread.

To the left was a goblet of what appeared to be watered down white wine - it looked like water. The wine was drugged - and I knew it.

In front of the plate was a large bowl of fruit.

Anyway, I began to eat but I found it very difficult to move indeed - I had probably been starved for a long time and I was very weak…but I managed it…and I have always liked mustard anyway (AMADEUS told me to buy some French grain mustard and put it in my fridge, here - to remind me of the above)….

The SAUDIS were attempting to telepathically control me - to stop me from eating but they were not allowed to say or do anything - it was a ‘telepathy test’.

I kept on eating until the bowl was clean of mustard seeds - I sipped the ‘wine’ as rarely as possible - in order to get the food down…and the more I ate (as is normal when you have been starving) the stronger I became. The SAUDIS telepathically told me RIGOR MORTIS but nothing happened - my aura was strong enough to withstand anything that they could throw at me and they were impressed - a barbarian at their level?

I might add here that I told BRITISH INTELLIGENCE about the above afterwards and TOBY MACKLIN told me that it was a ‘great offence’ to eat with one’s left hand in their presence - I was eating with both. You didn’t get it at all did you?

What was the symbolism of the above?

The MUSTARD SEEDS represented KNOWLEDGE. I was showing the SAUDIS that I would empty out and display every ILL SECRET that there was…all KNOWLEDGE that was known and could be experienced.

I was using my LEFT hand as well as my RIGHT - because as I telepathically answered back to them ‘I do not clean my anus with my LEFT hand - I use toilet paper’. However, the real meaning was at a much deeper level - what I was really saying to them was this: ‘my left/right hand sides of the brain are under MY control - the LEFT cannot be used for evil. I can therefore use my left hand to eat.’

I was basically telling them that the ILL CULT couldn’t use my LEFT BRAIN/’DEMONIC’ ALTERS for evil.

In short, I was cleaning up the ILL CULT and exposing all of their dirty linen.

In the ILL CULT - the left hand path is associated with the TOILET and the right hand path with CANNIBALISM.

I was telling them that I had risen above both things.

Black Rabbit said...

I might also add that halfway through this macabre meal - the SAUDIS offered me FRUIT from the bowl - I declined, saying that I was quite full enough, content with what I had.

So what happened to the rest of the squad?

ROS went through the same test but failed on the FRUIT…it had been poisoned. She took a PEAR - and one bite of it - that was enough to send her unconscious.

She must have been made to go before me - otherwise I would have warned her.

I ‘saw’ what had happened to all of us but I do not know if this was before, during or after the event.

I ‘saw’ MACDONALD who had also failed - telling SWISS CONTROLLER to do what TOMLINSON had done.

What had TOMLINSON done?

He had gone in there - been introduced - told to eat - he had then lifted up the dog bowl with both hands and poured as many MUSTARD SEEDS down his throat in one go, as he could…even though they spilt out around the sides of his mouth. This had amused the SAUDIS greatly:

… ‘one of us’ they thought.

MACDONALD, who had gone before him…hadn’t been able to resist SAUDI telepathy and they had had ‘fun’ with him…making him roll off his seat and act like a ‘dead fly’.

That is why MACDONALD then told SWISS CONTROLLER to do precisely what TOMLINSON had done…but he only managed to get the bowl to his face when the SAUDIS hit him with ‘head expanding like a balloon’ and he then simply thrust the bowl at his face…got as many down as he could…terrorised…and then the SAUDIS told him to be sick out of the window…and that is what he then did. They obviously didn’t want him to ‘become knowledgeable’.

For my own part - AMADEUS told me (once he had rescued me) that he would now give me a soft laxative to get those mustard seeds through my system, as quickly as possible.

So who was ‘controlling’ the SAUDIS?

I have an image of MARK R sniggering in a back room…it is most likely that he knew all of the MICROCHIPPED IMAGES that controlled the ‘squad’ and was projecting them as the SAUDIS concentrated…

Black Rabbit said...

I haven't mentioned RIMINGTON's attempt at the above...she really freaked the SAUDIS out - they got quite nervous, watching her.

RIMINGTON sat there and began to move MUSTARD SEEDS around with her LEFT index finger...talking in a sing-song voice about:

"When is a PEA not a PEA?" and laughing to herself...

She made no attempt to eat anything at all.

Black Rabbit said...

...but then RIMINGTON liked terrorising people...that was her 'game'.

Black Rabbit said...

RIMINGTON in SPHINX mode...upsetting the SAUDIS quite a bit...why?

Perhaps they didn't know that they ATE BABIES...perhaps they were so heavily under ILL mind control that the very mention of the word PEA...and 'when is a PEA not PEA' triggered panic in their brains...

RIMINGTON had effectively turned the tables upon them - all 3 of them.

Black Rabbit said...

Would anybody in their right mind, eat babies?

Would MACDONALD have done - knowing that they were his OWN children? Would any of those ILL CULT men?

He was impregnating both ROS and myself - in order to abort us for their ILL CULT ‘breaking the fast’.

Even upon ILL CULT terms - there is nothing to be gained from ‘eating babies/foetuses’ at all - certainly not at an esoteric level…babies/foetuses have ZERO knowledge…nothing to be gained at all. However, in relation to the heart of a RABBI…it is possible that a certain type of knowledge might be transferred.


In PRAGUE 1995 - I began to tell DALDRY about the very first and most primitive god of the GREEKS called CHRONOS. The ‘father’ of the GREEK gods/goddesses.

CHRONOS tried to devour all of his children but ZEUS escaped….to become KING OF THE GODS.

There is no further mention of CANNIBALISM in GREEK MYTH as far as the gods were concerned - only CHRONOS.

So one can say that any ‘Eleusian mystery’ which tells you that it is ‘okay’ to be a cannibal - is a downright lie. The primitve god CHRONOS was then murdered by his children - and human civilisation progressed to a new level of culture.

The whole CHRONOS myth then reminded me of what CLARISSA ESTES PINKOLA had said in her book WOMEN WHO RUN WITH WOLVES…sometimes, you had male wolves who tried to eat their young of the wolf pack…and the she-wolves would fight them off, in fierce battles…

This reminded me of CIA ‘wolf pack’ programming…had these men been programmed to act like MAD WOLVES in child alters? Was that part of the male CIA member’s mind control package?

Black Rabbit said...

Women Who Run with the Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman (Paperback)
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Author)

I have to remember to get her name right...

Black Rabbit said...

CRONUS - apparently I got the wrong spelling but I am sure that I didn't...I had read my GREEK/ROMAN mythology books over and over again as a aunt Valentine had given them to me as a young I wish she had given me 'WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES' instead but it was yet to be written...

Black Rabbit said...

"Cronus learned from Gaia and Uranus that he was destined to be overcome by his own son, just as he had overthrown his father. As a result, although he sired the gods Demeter, Hera, Hades, Hestia, and Poseidon by Rhea, he swallowed them all as soon as they were born to preempt the prophecy."

WIKI has a far more complicated version of the same myth.

So CRONUS ate his children because he thought that one would usurp him?

Black Rabbit said...

A ROCK in swaddling clothes is substituted for ZEUS and so he is then hidden away from his father CRONUS until...

"Once he had grown up, Zeus used a poison given to him by Gaia to force Cronus to disgorge the contents of his stomach in reverse order: first the stone, which was set down at Pytho under the glens of Mount Parnassus to be a sign to mortal men, then the goat, and then his two brothers and three sisters.

In other versions of the tale, Metis gave Cronus an emetic to force him to disgorge the children, or Zeus cut Cronus' stomach open. After freeing his siblings, Zeus released the Gigantes, the Hecatonchires, and the Cyclopes, who forged for him his thunderbolts.

In a vast war called the Titanomachy, Zeus and his brothers and sisters, with the help of the Gigantes, Hecatonchires, and Cyclopes, overthrew Cronus and the other Titans."

So ZEUS rescues his brothers and sisters...and they then 'get' CRONUS, their father.

Black Rabbit said...

Kronos (1957)

MADONALD has singled out the above film(?) in RED.

Would that be to do with CIA 'cannibal' programming?

Black Rabbit said...


So we can say that those programmed as CRONOS/CHRONOS/CRONUS are all RED PIECES as in ROTHSCHILD pieces?

Black Rabbit said...

Plot summary
What appears to be a large saucer shaped meteorite crashes into the Pacific Ocean near Mexico, following an unexplained break-in and assault by a deranged man at a secret U.S. research facility. The crashed 'meteorite' soon reveals itself as an even greater menace than first believed, with grave implications for the survival of the human race. Kronos foretells the dangerous implications of mass consumption of energy resources. A gigantic "machine", Kronos attacks power plants in Mexico, draining them of their energy. In doing so, Kronos grows in size, becoming larger as it consumes more and more energy. Kronos is discovered to be the first "accumulator" sent from an alien race that drained their own natural resources. They have Kronos to drain Earth's power and return that power to their own dying planet. A scientist under control of an unseen alien presence, suggests fighting Kronos by dropping the Atomic Bomb onto it. Kronos only absorbs the bomb's power and grows to titanic size. It threatens to drain the world's cities and starve the Earth of power, but scientists devise a plan to turn Kronos' polarity backwards, thereby feeding on itself. Kronos explodes and the Earth is saved.

Black Rabbit said...

Okay, so this reminds me of DAVID ICKE at AVEBURY.

The 'alien lizards' gain strength from other people's misery.

In a more technical sense - microchipped people are made to feel miserable - to generate negative brain energy - which was networked back to CERN in order to feed the generator with this particular type of energy - so that the SATANISTS could 'blow a whole in the UNIVERSE' in order to go and attack and overpower G-d...(although they had NO idea if they would actually find G-d on the other side or not....)

Black Rabbit said...

I remember...TITANS was equated with TITIANS in ILL-CULT in the 'red-haired ones'...those that the artist TITIAN liked to paint in oils...

Black Rabbit said...

The above come up under a TITIAN HAIR google search entry.

The CIA have singled out in RED this peculiar title - of a scientific study:

^ H. Eiberg & J. Mohr (August 1987). "Major locus for red hair colour linked to MNS blood groups on chromosome 4". Clinical Genetics 32 (2): 125–128. PMID 3477350.

Black Rabbit said...

So we can safely assume that PRINCE HARRY will have been programmed to be a TITAN?

Black Rabbit said...

The ARMY of the ROTHSCHILDS...the REDS...

Who would ZEUS be then?

Black Rabbit said...

Fascinating we have 'historical Greek accounts' that RED-HEADS were supposed to have originated in RUSSIA...that they travelled far and wide...the GREEK heroes MENELAUS and AGAMEMNON were well as QUEEN BOUDICEA...

There are now large red-head populations in Scotland/Ireland and also in the JOOISH ASHKENAZIM population...

So what is it about CHROMOSOME 4 (and red-heads)?

The CIA have singled out in RED:

ANK2: ankyrin 2, neuronal

That would be "ANKH you" would it - in ILL CULT speak?

Black Rabbit said...

EVC: Ellis van Creveld syndrome
EVC2: Ellis van Creveld syndrome 2 (limbin)

MMAA: methylmalonic aciduria (cobalamin deficiency) cblA type

SNCA: synuclein, alpha (non A4 component of amyloid precursor)

UCHL1: ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal esterase L1 (ubiquitin thiolesterase)
WFS1: Wolfram syndrome 1 (wolframin)

KDR: Kinase insert domain receptor (Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2)

Some of the BI network are saying:

"You cannot demonise us for having RED HAIR"

That is quite true but I am actually looking at your ILL CULT programming and RED programming was the very worst of all - so bear with me...

Black Rabbit said...

At 16 years old - i was classified as a 'red-head' whilst on that evil BI programming course...

Mainly because by that point - I was using a HARMONY HAIR COLOUR called 'deep chestnut' or something like that - which made my hair a lot darker brown with strong dark, red tints to it...and it looked 'natural' as well.

Black Rabbit said...

So I was probably RED programmed at that point...

Black Rabbit said...

RED hair went with the whole MARY MAGDALENE image...

Black Rabbit said...

I forgot to mention these - also singled out in RED:

thanatophoric dysplasia, type 1
thanatophoric dysplasia, type 2

Black Rabbit said...

So I looked up the condition of:

thanatophoric dysplasia, type 1
thanatophoric dysplasia, type 2

I found the above photograph of a baby supposedly born with condition 2...

I am sorry but I do not believe ANY of this at all...the photograph looks like a RED WAX dummy model...made by MARK R and his crew.

Black Rabbit said...

When I began reading through the supposed 'signs and symptoms' as in 'clover-head' and so on...I didn't believe it at all even before looking for the images...I 'knew' that this was a CON designed by MARK R.

The next question is WHY?

The image that I had in my head (whilst reading the signs/symptoms) was akin to one of those 'alien' images - you know the ones - massive cranium - tiny wasted body and huge black 'ogee-shaped' eyes..

Who do you show that RED BABY picture to, MARK R?

The mothers in hospital who have had a 'stillborn' child...which so horrifies them that they do not ask to see their baby again...

Is this an ILL CULT way of stealing babies in hospitals?

Black Rabbit said...

What makes even more worrying reading is that apparently this happens to 1 in 60,000 of the general what do you do with all of those BABIES, MARK R?

THANATOS is the greek god of DEATH.

FREUD also used the root word, to describe the 'death wish'...

Black Rabbit said...

I remember...when I first met ROS at DARTINGTON - she told me that she loved my red hair...she had thought that it was natural...

This alarmed me a little - I had put a blonde dye onto it - which had lightened it a bit...I had thought that the resulting colour was blonde...but an orangey type of blonde...ROS called it RED and after discovering that it wasn't natural - did the same to her own hair. She loved having 'orange' hair - whilst wearing 'army green'...the two colours complemented each other...she had first seen me in an old 'army green' jumper...

Black Rabbit said...

ROS also talked to me about having the DEATH WISH in relation to HEROIN, later she had to struggle so hard against it...

I do not know why but I link ORANGE/RED hair with DEATH/TERRORISM/BOMBER programming...

"In classical Freudian psychoanalytic theory, the death drive ("Todestrieb") is the drive towards death, destruction and forgetfulness. It was first proposed by Sigmund Freud in Beyond the Pleasure Principle. The death drive opposes Eros, the tendency towards cohesion and unity. The death drive is sometimes referred to as "Thanatos" in post-Freudian thought, although this term has no basis in Freud's own work."

Black Rabbit said...

EVC: Ellis van Creveld syndrome

The name ELLIS doesn't bode well, does it?

RIMINGTON's favourite surname - the one she used as her married name to TOMLINSON.

Apparently similar signs and symptoms to:
thanatophoric dysplasia, type 1
thanatophoric dysplasia, type 2

The BABY in the photograph looks entirely normal (and NOT suffering from 'dwarfism') apart from the HOLE that they have made in its chest...

As I began to read through this article - I remembered MARK R showing it to me...RIMINGTON had made up the 'condition' - whilst on a train journey with a doctor:

Richard W.B. Ellis of Edinburgh and Simon van Creveld of Amsterdam first described Ellis–van Creveld (EVC) syndrome. They met in a train compartment while traveling to a pediatrics conference in England in the late 1930s and discovered that each had a patient with the syndrome. In 1940, Ellis and van Creveld (Ellis and van Creveld, 1940) formally described the syndrome that would bear their names, although they termed it chondroectodermal dysplasia.
Disproportionate dwarfism, postaxial polydactyly, ectodermal dysplasia, a small chest, and a high frequency of congenital heart defects characterize this autosomal recessive syndrome, which has increased incidence among persons of Old Order Amish descent

Black Rabbit said...

I get it now…the whole ‘saga’…

You are a RED-HEAD or your partner is…you are in hospital about to have a baby…

You are told that the baby was STILL-BORN…

You are then ‘ANKHED’ by the doctors…cursed.

You are told all about the medical conditions, blinded with Science when at your most vulnerable…shown a photograph of the RED WAX baby…it is all your fault, you see…you have this recessive gene…which means that 1 baby in every 60,000 of the population is born still-born or will be so handicapped in later life that ‘we knew that you wouldn’t want to keep your baby upon life support’…

I can remember now - the above is precisely what MARK R had told me that the ILL CULT used to do…more to the point - they were targeting the SCOTS/IRISH/JOOISH ASHKENAZIM…

MARK R told me that most mothers took one look at that photograph and they couldn’t bear it…they had no wish to view their ‘dead child’ for real…

Black Rabbit said...

So why did the ILL CULT want to steal the babies off red-head parents?

What did they do with them?

Another 'endangered species'? Endangered by the ILL CULT...

Black Rabbit said...

UCHL1: ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal esterase L1 (ubiquitin thiolesterase)
WFS1: Wolfram syndrome 1 (wolframin)

Maybe the answer can be found in the above - they are given to the 'wolves' to be brought up - AKA the CIA.

Black Rabbit said...

MMAA: methylmalonic aciduria (cobalamin deficiency) cblA type

methyl...acid...more MK-ULTRA references...the ILL CULT were really taking the piss here.

Black Rabbit said...

I was thinking about how the ILL CULT operates, the other relation to my mother having been adopted out...a GERMAN JOOISH baby...and nobody 'knew' apart from the parents - my grandparents...although the villagers talked quite a bit...grandma hadn't look pregnant but she explained it away...she was large...almost obese with large hips...she hadn't wanted anybody to know in case something went wrong...

Black Rabbit said...

So what does the ILL CULT do?

They perform the in THE STORK BROUGHT YOU...I was consistently told this as a my Swiss grandmother...

A cuckoo in the nest...

Which families do they choose to drop you into?

Parents that are heavily under mind control - all the more easy to get at you and to program you - at any time of the night or day...

Black Rabbit said...

It would be too troublesome for them to 'get at' children who are living with parents who are NOT under mind control - far too much of a risk involved.

Black Rabbit said...

How odd - I looked up BLOND on WIKI expecting to find a similar site to the red-head WIKI page but it isn't similar...there appears to be no 'medical' interest in BLOND at all.

Now that is peculiar because BLOND is also a recessive gene and is supposed to be dying out far more quickly than the RED-HEAD gene...

Black Rabbit said...

I might add something else here and this is really quite odd - it is about ILL record-keeping.

I was told by various MASONS that they all knew that PRINCE PHILIP kept a massive 'journal' of slaves to be penalised but he rarely got through half of the alphabet in a year...and so if you surname began with something like S or wouldn't be targeted...

Black Rabbit said...

...additionally, i 'know' that ILL RECORDS cannot be changed, once they have been written.

For example - it was no good telling the BI goons such as TOBY MACKLIN that your birth certificate clearly stated that you were born in 1963 - when they had taken a look at your ILL RECORD...and believed you to have been born in another year...despite the fact that I had LIED about my year of birth at POWERGEN and SCARLETT knew that I order to bypass the 'horrorscope' torture of being read your 'fate' for that particular birthdate.

Black Rabbit said...

...I then look back to being about 2-3 years old...RIMINGTON had dyed my hair ORANGE (with HANNI GLOOR helping her) at 2 St Austell Road...'john waters' had then completely freaked out about it:

"You're a RED-HEAD honey!"

He hadn't seen me for a while and the incident had so shocked him that he had to go off and talk to his friends about order to know what to do...

So by about 2-3 years old - my ILL CULT record also stated RED-HEAD.

Black Rabbit said...

By 16 years old...I had begun to dye my hair a sort of reddish dark brown...and it looked I was passed off as a 'red-head' at POWERGEN.

Black Rabbit said...

I mean, who was fooling who, here?

As far as I can see - ILL CULT slaves have to 'believe unquestioningly' everything that is on ILL RECORDS.

Black Rabbit said...

...but that doesn't answer the question about the ILL CULT being obsessive and 'medically' so - about RED-HEADS does it?

Black Rabbit said...

Almost nothing.

Almost nothing.

However, the photograph made me laugh:

"A girl with natural auburn hair. Most people born with auburn hair have black eyebrows"

That looks like a HARMONY HAIR COLOUR job - like me at 16 years old - she just hasn't bothered to dye her eyebrows too.

Black Rabbit said...

This brings up the weirdest WIKI page of them all...with the strangest ILLustrations.

I associate this site with OBAMA and 'people of colour' programming - MARK R had put it together.

The CIA have singled out in RED:


^ first attested in The Meters of Boethius 26. 58, ca. AD 1000: stunede sio brune yd wid odre "One dark wave dashed against the other".


^ Infield, Glenn B. Eva and Adolf New York:1974--Grosset and Dunlap Page 142 (The author compiled this book by interviewing Albert Speer and others who had been in Hitler's inner circle, such as SS men, secretaries, and housekeepers. The author consulted the Musmanno Archives, a record of post-war interviews with 200 people close to Adolf Hitler or Eva Braun.)

Black Rabbit said...

The surname BROWN(E)is also of interest to me here...but I am not sure if/how/why it might link in...

Black Rabbit said...

Not much information here either but the CIA have singled out in RED:


Black Rabbit said...

So one can see that RED-HEADS are targeted far above the terms of ILL CULT interest...why?

Black Rabbit said...

Is it simply the RED SHIELD/ROTHSCHILD connection or do they see these people as the BARBARIAN class who are dangerously close to 'getting them' all?

Black Rabbit said...

I was thinking about DALDRY today and possibly the finest interview that he ever gave - which was around and about…his sexuality, his marriage and his child from that marriage.

The interviewer wanted to categorise him as ‘gay’ and then to call him a hypocrite for marrying a woman…and ‘pretending’ to be a ‘heterosexual dad’…and so on.

DALDRY parried each ILL sting deftly…

He told the reporter, words to the effect of:

YES, I am OUT and GAY…YES I am married to a woman…YES I love her (although obviously she isn’t my first choice of sexual partner, by definition)…and so on.

Thinking about the above now - it was a brilliant riposte and action taken - against the ILL CULT. He had caught them all on the ‘hop’ as it were.

The ILL CULT had tried to segregate GAYS and LESBIANS off - away from ‘mainstream society’ in order to program them more…hive them off to steal ZYGOTES/SPERM…in increasingly S/M cultures…which are damaging psychologically…

Okay, you can get together with your friends and CUT…like the PRINCES do…and make a big joke of it all…make it a ‘norm’…but it is a serious psychological issue, at base. Women do not tend to do it ‘in groups’ as far as I know…or men…but then the PRINCES and their ROYAL MILITARY GUARDS were a bit ‘special’ weren’t they?

I am of the firm belief that in an ideal world - a child needs a mother and a father figure…and this should be the ‘norm’ and not made to look ‘old-fashioned’ and restrictive.

DALDRY had obviously agreed with that one - hence his marriage.

He was telling the GAY world: ‘yes, you can have it all - find a woman that you love (even if you do not really fancy her)…and be ‘proper’ about the upbringing of children - you can be OUT and GAY and be married to a woman.’

That is what had obviously confused the ILL-programmed interviewer - who had wanted to bracket him and then target him with accusations of hypocrisy etc.


I do not think that STEPHEN FRY will thank me for this…but he is a very ‘proper gent’ in the old fashioned-sense of the word. In relation to his wi women friends - he was ridden with angst about the association of OUT GAY MEN with paedophilia. If any RED PIECE saw him alone with their children - his name would be mud. Therefore he would sometimes lose his temper a bit - if the mother in question - left him alone with the children. He loved children and they loved him - but he had to be so very careful.

Isn’t that horrible?

An OUT gay man is far less likely to abuse children than say…those like my father or FISHWICK…

Black Rabbit said...

I mean, look at GAY MEN and their mothers...the 'love bond' between the two is often massive...

How could you deprive a little boy of a mother?

Black Rabbit said...

One-parent families are one thing...many of them will be the result of ILL CULT psychological torture...being put with somebody who is incompatible to yourself...somebody that you wouldn't have 'naturally' chosen, within the course of your life...and then the only sensible thing is to separate.

Same-sex marriages which are then facilitated by the STATE to adopt children, are quite another issue.

Black Rabbit said...

I am over-generalising in the above post, I know...there are many different cases...for example a member of the SAS whom his 'buddies' knew was married to the 'wrong woman'...incompatiblity.

Yet, he loved her.

He understood her but she couldn't understand him at all.

She was a 'frightened child' lashing out, most of the time.

She made his life hell - sent him over the edge sometimes - nearing nervous breakdowns.

I asked him why he didn't leave the situation.

In terms of 'separation' you can still see your children - you are still 'the father'.

He told me that he was a Catholic and that he wanted everything to be traditional, in his world. He couldn't bear his children not to have a 'dad at home' - he was papering over the cracks, upon a daily basis in order to give them a feelin of 'safety' and 'security' but it was doing his head in...

Black Rabbit said...

He had begun to 'cut' and to seek psychiatric advice i.e. pills...but neither of these helped to deal with the basic was still there. It hadn't gone away.

Black Rabbit said...

His wife was extremely immature in an emotional and intellectual way. She also liked everything to be 'proper' and therefore they appeared to want the same thing...but in reality - she wanted to 'grow up' and she was 'growing up' on him i.e. he was her 'teacher' and he knew it - and she didn't respect 'authority' one bit.

Black Rabbit said...

I looked into the future...saw that it wasn't really going to get better for him...had a quick discussion with his 'best mate' on that one...and advised him that he could improve HER situation by encouraging her to think more becoming more of 'her own person' but that wouldn't actually do him any good...these 'feminist-inclined' groups would subtly blame him for everything and then she would come home and scream at him...

Black Rabbit said...

...was he willing to put up with that number?

Yes, he was...he loved her...and he was going to stand by her, whatever the cost.

She had been his first love and that was that.

Black Rabbit said...

I then had a quiet discussion after he had left with his 'best mate'...

Both of us were a bit non-plussed...mainly because his 'mate' had married a woman who was 'just like himself'...and they worked in harmony - no real friction at any given point.

I had never been married (in a real sense of the word) and therefore couldn't offer advice in terms of 'having been there before' - I could only advise as a 'remote-viewer' and telepath.

All I could conclude about this particular guy - was that he was quite exceptional as a human being.

This member of the SAS was the one who had identified the DRAGON'S EGG got it out of the concrete building, through the window - upon STATEN ISLAND...and had then made sure that they captured it again - once it had started to 'bounce' on the concrete (rather like THE PRISONER series and the 'white ball' except that it was much smaller) then drill a hole in it later on...see previous notes.

Black Rabbit said...

So I simply told his 'mate' that if he wanted to stay with his wife - he was an 'old soul' and he was doing it for a 'soul' and 'spiritual reason' which I couldn't fathom...

Put simply - he 'knew' more than me, at a soul level.

Black Rabbit said...

I therefore 'tried' for reasons such as:

Maybe it is all about reincarnation...and that his wife was connected to him in a past life...

Maybe - she was once his 'father' or something like that...who knows?

The BOND was obviously extremely strong...

Black Rabbit said...

Whatever his reasons...I figured that his action - in taking the DRAGON'S EGG spelled out a 'superior soul' in some way...

...and therefore I couldn't give any real advice to the guy...

Black Rabbit said...

Reading through my above posts...I can see that I should have been more careful in writing them and that I should have edited them first.

You cannot tell who is the SAS guy with marital problems, most of the time - compared to his mate who didn't...the guy who had married his 'female equivalent'.

Black Rabbit said...

I might as well tell it all now:

We were in one of the MASONIC LODGES/HALLS (you did say that I could use your 'things' didn't you? The message given to me in the library, the other day - you wanted to know the whole truth - and nothing but the truth).

I remember that one of the SAS - a tall and handsome, lean man...very thin...he was in a wheelchair...

(So that blows the myth that the SAS have to be 'short')

He had been 'in action' but had survived...he was without a couple of limbs...blown up by shells, apparently.

He was the 'fat bird'.

The bird who 'knew too much'.

The ILL CULT blew off his limbs because of it.

I saw him the other day, in CLACTON...a happy soul...with his daughter...and my heart reached out to them both.

Black Rabbit said...

In 2004 - I had cried - after he had tried to remote-view and the whole 'fat bird through the window' farce had ensued...

I had no real idea of what was going on...only that I could 'watch' and make sure that nobody came to harm.

He had told me 'I don't want sympathy' telepathically...and the other SAS around me, had vocally told me that. I had simply replied that when in the presence of somebody like that...I was so much more 'self-serving' and that it made me cry.

Black Rabbit said...

Thinking about that one is all LADY DIANA shit isn't it?

All of those photographs of her - shedding a tear...emotionally empathising with victims...

My emotions were real...I had suffered endlessly at the hands of the ILL CULT...but one wonders what had really happened to LADY DIANA?

What made her turn into the BLACK NOBILITY GODDESS?

Why did she appear to 'agree' to such an insane plan - along with PROJECT BLUBEAM?

Black Rabbit said...


"Without whom, none of this would have been possible."

This was BEFORE the TEMPLAR CASTLE 'WACO' happened.

What was going on?

At every step of the way...PUTIN and myself were trying to 'bring them down'...we did so, once we had got to ARK OF COVENANT - ROTHSCHILD programming (having got through son of god programming, intact)...PUTIN was using me as a BULLET-PROOF VEST, for some reason...

Black Rabbit said...

...and the reason would be 'john waters' I suppose, in charge of the ROTHSCHILD 'media/sound/frequency desk' at ROTHSCHILD HQ.

Black Rabbit said...

Yes, i get it now...and 'know' it now:

LADY DIANA was supposed to 'disappear' and then to 'reappear' as the BLACK GODDESS.

Black Rabbit said...

The DEAD emerging from their GRAVES... 'after the end scenario'...

Not in 'zombie form' mark you...most religions tell folktales about how they will be 'precisely as you remembered them - as you LOVED them'...

LOVE being the big thing here...particularly to any child who had lost a parent young...

Black Rabbit said...

"Our loved ones back from the dead"

That was the PROMISE instilled into ILL CULT slaves.

You wil see your LOVED ONE again and in the 'flesh'.

Black Rabbit said...

Was that a CERN promise?

After CERN had overcome 'god' and made him hand over the keys to 'making anything happen'?

Black Rabbit said...

I do not know if it is appropriate to talk about this - at this point but I will anyway:

RIMINGTON told me to join a group which is advertised down a certain CLACTON street...a community centre of sorts...and the BLACKBOARD outside tells you that a drop-in meeting is being held for:


It is an odd title - because the group is only for the 'bereaved'.

Although- as RIMINGTON had pointed out - anybody else can go.

She told me to go and make a fool of myself.

In 2004 - I went...I attended this group - but I didn't make a fool of myself.

I made spectacle of myself (in a child alter) but not a fool.

I listened to the OLD PEOPLE talking...about bereavement...and I burst into tears.

They had no idea of why I was there...I told them - the sign on the door...they didn't argue with that was an 'open group'.

I then told them that I had never experienced 'love' in the way that they had done.

I then quoted:

"Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all."

This cheered up, the whole lot of them.

They could see, that by example - I was far worse off than they were...

Black Rabbit said...

Okay - I forgot to mention that I bought a few things yesterday - down at the MORRISSON’s shopping complex.

I went looking for screen wipes in COMET but they only had a packet with two blue cannisters in it (RIMINGTON had told me ‘they are MACDONALD/SWISS CONTROLLER’) and they were far too expensive at £14.99.

‘john waters’ had told me that I had to buy a new BATHROOM MIRROR. One of those ‘magnifying’ make-up mirrors. These mirrors are used as symbols of a REMOTE-VIEWER’s powers - as in being able to magnify things…to make oneself very small and ‘fly’ or to fly into OUTER SPACE and to view the micrcoscopic world.

I had already purchased the mock-Victorian one which RIMINGTON had left as a programming object - in a charity shop in HARWICH. ‘john waters’ told me that I now needed a new one - so I put the old one in my ‘cage’ in the basement, by the BEKO TV - which I now tend to refer to as the ‘crypt’.

MARK R had told me to buy one of these mirrors in BOOTS ‘because they are cheapest’ - however, RIMINGTON had told me that this wouldn’t work…as a symbol. The ‘chosen design’ for REMOTE-VIEWER was now the bathroom mirror, on sale at HOMEBASE. It differs from other designs in that it is a tall one - the mirror is on a long, thin, silver metal pole from the base. Naturally she told me not to buy it.

Black Rabbit said...

Funnily enough - I can remember RIMINGTON helping me, regarding this ILL GAME, in NY - she had asked me how she could point me in the right direction…and I had said ‘tell me not to if I should’…so one can say that this was a general rule which I have followed but one could never be sure with RIMINGTON…so I evaluate every circumstance upon an individual basis, just in case. At the time in NY - I only had the vaguest, foggiest idea of what was going to happen to me next…I had no overview of anything - it was enough to ‘keep alive’ in the present.

Anyway, I also went to buy TEATOWELS and I remembered the POLICE advising me to get the MORRISSONS ‘red chicken/yellow chicken’ design in 2004. Why?

Langley Seniors - Sue Walker and myself had been instructed to sit together - by RIMINGTON - in a BIOLOGY lesson - the topic was DRUGS. RIMINGTON had given SUE a list of street names for drugs - many of which were FOOD references. For example: HEROIN had Hispanic street names of both RED CHICKEN and YELLOW CHICKEN.

Sue and myself were to make jokes about this list ‘what do I fancy for dinner today?’ in order to drum up interest within the class - as to what each drug’s street name meant…so that later on, RIMINGTON could do a programming session with them - to get them to recognise the street terminology. You can guess why - can’t you?

(Anyway, we didn’t drum up any interest - the whole class got very annoyed and told us to shut up).

Black Rabbit said...

I wasn’t sure why the POLICE wanted me to have the RED CHICKEN/YELLOW CHICKEN symbols hanging up in my kitchen here…but there must have been a reason for it…and I suppose that the reason must be the TONY visit from CHP…to inspect this flat, today.

Yesterday, I gave the entire flat a really good clean and walked around it - making sure that each ‘object’ was going to give the right signal - and hiding anything that wouldn’t. The buying of RED CHICKEN/YELLOW CHICKEN will trigger ‘Tony’ in some way…but I am not sure how. She is a RED PIECE and obviously somebody wants her programming triggered, for some reason.

What else did I buy? I bought a new BATHMAT…the old one was supposed to represent PRINCE WILLIAM according to RIMINGTON…I bought a new EYGPTIAN cotton one in ‘cream’.

Black Rabbit said...


I forgot to mention that yesterday - I bought 6 vegetarian sausages and ate the lot…a symbol of the ’warring penises’ who are ‘in line’ for the throne. ‘john waters’ idea…this is all getting crazier and crazier…I then ‘got’ the information that if you really wanted to know the biological difference between the sexes…women have an ‘atrophied penis’ within their vulva - a cluster of nerve endings…they were originally hermaphrodites and men are an ‘offshoot’ from the original ‘hermaphroditic model’ of a human being.

Jonathan Evans is bellowing upon the MI5 network:

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all - the women I am surrounded with…”

Black Rabbit said...


I was aware, the other day…that I had to walk all of the way up the RED STAIRWELL to the top of the TRAVELODGE and then down to the BASEMENT (or vice versa) because RIMINGTON had had to do the same in 2004. I felt sorry for her at the time - she was old and it is a long way to climb. Anyway, the object of the exercise was to terrorise me at the top of the TRAVELODGE - it was sort of ‘café’ in 2004 - they took me outside onto the balcony and told me that they would throw me off, if I caused any problems for them.

In 2009 - the top of the TRAVELODGE is now being sold off - as a penthouse suite. You can see the sign in the windows - from the front of the building - yet nobody appears to want to buy it.

I haven’t been down the RED STAIRWELL to see the basement door yet…this leads you into the ‘ILL complex’ below…and down that corridor to where the LAB was…

Black Rabbit said...


What can I say in conclusion except when you look at the whole picture…the most powerful place in an ILL building is below ground…and that it contains a LABORATORY. It is all about DRUGS - street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, experimental drugs…and scientific experiments upon unsuspecting HUMAN BEINGS…in every possible way.

Look at those SAUDIS who spent days, weeks underground…in that LONDON ‘hospital’. See previous notes.

Look at RIMINGTON in that underground base…as we were walking around PRINCE PHILIP’s ship (see previous notes upon NOAH’S ARK programming).

AMADEUS had referred to her as ‘sad lady’ and she was…separated from her soul…horrific blood disorders…driven insane but still maintaining some sort of a grip upon reality…she ‘knew’ that she was just a walking ZOMBIE…an ILL CULT robotic slave…and she just wanted to ‘be at peace’…she wanted to die and to be buried but the ILL CULT wouldn’t let her…that is why she preferred to be ‘underground’.

Black Rabbit said...


YELLCOM update:



Black Rabbit said...


Last night…I was thinking again about MACDONALD’s weird videos about the KING and LINK.

He used to come in, every morning, with a new ‘episode’ and we would watch it at around 11am. We were all in child alters and we used to look forward to his next ‘production’…not that anything much happened but we all kind of ‘got’ the symbolism…even if it was at a lower level of consciousness and we couldn’t quite explain why.


Look at how he has bleached out the cartoon and ‘fuzzed out’ the lines - so that you can hardly see LINK and the PRINCESS (MACDONALD and myself). I know precisely what that is about…the ILL CULT drug you up to the eyeballs so that you are ‘hanging by a thread’ in terms of consciousness…you are barely conscious - whilst you go through their most horrific ‘rituals’ and rites…particularly those relating to the ‘eating of babies’.

I have had a lot of difficulty - breaking into ‘cells of memory’ in my brain upon that account…but ‘john waters’ had taught me a way to do it:

“Re-tune the TV SET Honey”

…meaning imagine that your eyes and brain are a TV SET that you can ‘re-tune’ in order to get the colours right…the ‘balance’ right…and then you can really see what happened…because your brain will have picked up all of the data through your eyes…whatever drugs the ILL CULT had given you…in order to make ‘seeing and remembering’ some insane, psychedelic experience. It is a sort of ‘mind over matter’ technique - over-riding what the drugs have done to your body and mind.

Black Rabbit said...

So one can assume that MACDONALD had woken up to what was really going on at that point…and he wanted the other ‘children’ to know but in symbolic form…he had remembered what he had been trained - from childhood to do…to be a cannibal.

You can see how being a ‘cannibal’ goes against everything that is ‘human’ and that is why the ILL CULT had to drug you up and program you to that extent…in order to force people to actually do it - at their rites (and then to have no memories of it, afterwards).

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the LAST VIDEO which was shot in MACDONALD’s appartment and also in a local bar…it stars the KING going for a BEER…I told him to use a NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE bottle for some reason…I wanted that ‘link’ to be there.

MACDONALD came in with this video, the next day and pointed the real face of the KING out to us…and told us all that this was the man who was running all of us…so who was he?

Black Rabbit said...

Last night…I got back a very odd vision…it was of the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST saying:


I then thought about MACDONALD’s last video which has the words:


…and the last statement.



I knew that this must be the name of the guy…

It was all about HOLLYWOOD and the making of EPIC movies…the guy’s real name was QUIN(N) and he looked rather like RIDLEY SCOTT.

Who had the original guy been, in OZ programming?


…perhaps somebody called KEPPLER or something like that…’KEPPIE’ for short?


EPEE - sword in French?

Black Rabbit said...

Funnily enough - instead of those SPORTS BAGS by the recyling bins behind MORRISSONS...we now have a SILVER HUBCAP 'wheel'.

RIMINGTON had told us that this meant the 'wheel of fortune' of the ILL CULT...akin to that tarot card.

However, in relation to the TEMPLAR DREAM of 'pregnant men' - we already have them and they are called WOMEN...why are you trying to re-invent the WHEEL?

Black Rabbit said...

Last night, I also remembered what PRINCE WILLIAM had said in relation to those like the SAUDIS and RIMINGTON:

"Underground, overground WOMBLING free..."

Except that he didn't say WOMBLING as such...he sang:


Black Rabbit said...

I know that the WOMBLES were supposed to be JEWS...and the LONDON JEWS told me so...they had spotted all of the references...for example the womble called TOBER-MORI

TOBLERONE (Yad Vashem holocaust memorial museum)

MORI - short for MORDECHAI

The JEWS are really into environmental is part of their religion to want to turn back the clock and to create 'EDEN upon Earth'.

Black Rabbit said...

Great Uncle Bulgaria - the Wombles' leader, was based on Beresford's father-in-law
Tobermory - an engineer, was based on Beresford's brother, a skilled inventor, and named after the capital of the Isle of Mull
Orinoco - a shirker who loved sleep and food, was styled on Beresford's teenage son and named after the River Orinoco
Bungo - over-enthusiastic and bossy named after Bungo Province
Tomsk - an athletic Womble with a rather low IQ named after Tomsk in Russia..
Wellington - scientifically inclined, named after her nephew's school
Madame Cholet - a cook, was styled on Beresford's mother

Later character names for the film and second TV series developed in the same manner:

Cousin Cairngorm McWomble the Terrible - named after the Cairngorms, a mountain range in Scotland
Alderney - Madame Cholet's assistant, was named after Alderney in the Channel Islands where Beresford lived at the time of the second television series
Shansi - often paired with Alderney, as Bungo was with Orinoco
Miss Adelaide - schoolmistress
Stepney - East Ender with dreadlocks
Obidos named after Óbidos, Pará

Black Rabbit said...

Additional Wombles included:

Cousin Yellowstone Boston Womble
Cairngorm the MacWomble
Ness, Ross and Cromarty - the Water Wombles
Cousin Botany
Speyer and Heilbronn
Frau Heidelberg
Habsburg Von Hohenzollern Womble
Ms Atlanta
Dalai Gartok
Cairns and Perth
Great-Great Aunt M. Murrumbidgee
Uncle Dunedin
Cousin Tokyo

Black Rabbit said...



The Wombles starred in a number of British comics including Teddy Bear (1973)

Black Rabbit said...

A message from CHP this is now 8.30am so they get to work early...8.15am.

Flag this message

RE: CHP housing - flat 2, belle court, ellis road, clacton, CO151FHMonday, 23 November, 2009 8:15From: "Heather Schultz" < >Add sender to ContactsTo: "emily gyde" < >

Good Morning

Thanks for the mail below. This was our Toni who left the message from our QOL team. She is hoping to call to you around 13:00 today. Please let us know if this is not convenient for you.


Black Rabbit said...

What is a QOL team, I wonder...anyway, I wrote back 'good for me' in relation to the 13:00 today...

13 hundred sounds like a military operation...don't people normally say 1am?

Black Rabbit said...

I mean is still early and I am only just waking up...

Black Rabbit said...

MR ICKE's newsletter has just arrived and it sings the praises of SODIUM BICARB as 'killing cancer'...

So that was why AMADEUS realised that he couldn't market the new 'super drug' which had cured his cancer...restored his alkaline was mainly bicarb...and any chemist would have worked that one out, analysing his 'new product'.

He took those white pills by the handful and was relatively cured within a week...

This reminds me of my mother and her 'acid stomach'...I have never ever seen anybody get through packets of those chalk-like bicarb 'sweets'...every day...but they seem to do her good...and she has never had she must have really been under attack...

Let me see...when PETROL NELL put BICARB into my foodstuffs from EAGLE HOUSE...she was actually doing me a good turn...even though RIMINGTON had thought that it was to poison me...

Additionally - my father told me that drinking FIZZY MINERAL WATER 'carbonised' in the stomach...getting rid of acidity...that was why I liked drinking it.

MARK R had quizzed me upon that one - when I told him that whilst I was at EAGLE HOUSE...that I didn't want 'still water'...i would be buying fizzy drinking water...he went off and checked with his chemists...then came back and told me that I was was better for me...

Black Rabbit said...

"One such case is the Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, a brilliant and courageous man who has refused to bow to the enormous pressure he has faced, and continues to face, after he realised what cancer is and how it can be dealt with.

Simoncini's 'crime' has been to discover that cancer is a fungus caused by Candida, a yeast-like organism that lives in the body in small amounts even in healthy people. The immune system keeps it under control normally, but when the Candida morphs into a powerful fungus some serious health problems can follow - including cancer. "

DR SIMONCINI advocated SODIUM BICARBONATE as a cure for cancer and the medical profession turned upon him...

Black Rabbit said...

Isn't it funny how the simplest things can be the most effective?

For example - PENICILIN in order to remote-view...the best kept ILL secrets appear to be the simplest ones...

Black Rabbit said...

An interesting test for CANDIDA:

Take a glass of water to bed and leave it on the bedside cabinet.
When you awaken, spit into the water.
Do NOT try to gather spit from the inside of your mouth, just spit whatever you have, however little, into the water.
Allow to stand for two minutes, then gently swill the contents round in the glass.

Hold glass up to the light.
If the spit remains on top of the water, or dissolves, you are OK.
If it turns the water cloudy, you have a Positive Indicator.

If legs appear descending through the water, you have a Positive Indicator.
In cases of POSITIVE you should consider contacting us for recommended products and protocols, or go to

Black Rabbit said...

The fizzy mineral water that I am currently buying is SAINSBURYS and it has a 110 count in BICARBONATE mg/l.

"In inorganic chemistry, bicarbonate (IUPAC-recommended nomenclature: hydrogencarbonate) is an intermediate form in the deprotonation of carbonic acid. Its chemical formula is HCO3−."

Black Rabbit said...

I am now querying the above SODIUM BICARBONATE a little because I know that AMADEUS' 'white pills' weren't precisely that...

The CIA have singled out in RED for some reason:

magnesium bicarbonate

"A bicarbonate salt forms when a positively charged ion attaches to the negatively charged oxygen atoms of the ion, forming an ionic compound. Many bicarbonates are soluble in water at standard temperature and pressure, particularly sodium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate; both of these substances contribute to total dissolved solids, a common parameter for assessing water quality."

Black Rabbit said...

"Ball and stick model of the bicarbonate ion, HCO−3"

The DIAGRAM is in RED/BLACK/WHITE and looks like a 'red piece' - so this was used in ILL CULT chemistry programming?

Black Rabbit said...

"Biochemical role
Bicarbonate is an alkaline, and a vital component of the pH buffering system[1] of the body (maintaining acid-base homeostasis). 70%-75% of CO2 in the body is converted into carbonic acid (H2CO3), which can quickly turn into bicarbonate (HCO3−).

With carbonic acid as the central intermediate species, bicarbonate, in conjunction with water, hydrogen ions, and carbon dioxide forms this buffering system which is maintained at the volatile equilibrium[1] required to provide prompt resistance to drastic pH changes in both the acidic and basic directions. This is especially important for protecting tissues of the central nervous system, where pH changes too far outside of the normal range in either direction could prove disastrous. (See acidosis, or alkalosis.)

Bicarbonate also acts to regulate pH in the small intestine. It is released from the pancreas in response to the hormone secretin to neutralize the acid chyme entering the duodenum from the stomach."

This is essentially what my father had been telling me...that my PANCREAS wasn't functioning properly - hence my love of fizzy mineral water to do the job, properly within my stomach - to keep it alkaline.

Black Rabbit said...

In fact, I had been told that in PRAGUE - by a RUSSIAN guy - who was a manager of PRAGUE GAS.

He also worked as a DOWSER in his spare time and he wanted to cure me. He had 'sensed' that my PANCREAS wasn't working properly (or something like that - I named the internal organs but missed that one out and he couldn't remember the English translation for it)...anyway, he had found this out by 'dowsing' down my body with two copper rods...

Black Rabbit said...

...but I had the image of what he was thinking of...the shape of the organ and positioning, in my head...even if I couldn't think of the name of it, myself...

Black Rabbit said...

The question now is:

Should I keep my RED CHICKEN/YELLOW CHICKEN teatowels out on show or not?

What if they say HEROIN TRAFFICKER to an ILL CULT ‘red piece’ - who might then ‘shop’ me for it (or try to get me to sign for another package)…not that I have a ‘PARCEL/PACKAGE’ in this flat…I studiously avoided that trap.

So what should I do?

I know that at this stage in the ILL CULT game - the PRINCES had wanted to have me thrown into PRISON. I am going to avoid that one.

So perhaps it would be better to hide the CHICKEN teatowels to avoid danger.

I mean, I can only trust the POLICE from 2004, so far - they were all under mind control…and it was that arresting officer (at Eagle House recently) who had ‘advised’ me about the tea towels in 2004…

Black Rabbit said...

Last night - I got a flashback to what had happened in LONDON…the very same officer had interviewed ROS…and ROS had asked her out for a drink afterwards…the very same thing had happened with KATIE PRICE…the policewoman went…but she was very nervous…the CID decked her out with a bug and kept the nightclub under surveillance…the pair of them were sitting at the back and in a quiet alcove…the policewoman went to the toilet and ROS dropped something into her drink…the POLICEWOMAN was told about this and she then exited via the backdoor…ROS, upon realising that she wasn’t coming back…spilt the drink onto the floor…forensics later identified it as something like sodium benzo something…at any rate…it was a soporific…to make you feel sleepy and it would also begin to put your kidneys into failure…they explained to me…

I wonder now - was that the drug that RIMINGTON and SCARLETT used to put into our tea - every morning at POWERGEN in 1980? Everybody would then go to sleep for ½ hour before programming.

You would wake up in this ‘altered state’…submissive and easily panicked…

The KIDNEYS…the ILL CULT targeted your kidneys because they control ‘fight/flight’ syndrome…they wanted to set you on edgy…to make you feel panicky…frightened.

Anyway, I have hidden the teatowels…with the RED/YELLOW CHICKENS upon them.


Is the BIG HEN aka THE DEVIL of the RA CULT….symbolic of HEROIN?

Black Rabbit said...

It was actually benzyl something not benzo...

Anyway, i looked the above up on google and found this:

It wasn't benzylpenicillin but looking at this WIKI entry - this has to be injected I presume...was that what MICHAEL the FORT MONCKTON master programmer, used to use, in order to OBE?

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